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The WB Music Collection Quiz


This post is shamelessly copied from Upton at Wonderland Burlesque. Because of course it is. But I have discovered that most of us react to music in a similar way, even if we don't have the same tastes. So here we go:

1/ How many CDs do you have? Vinyl albums? Cassettes? 8-Traks? 45's?

Damn. I had to stop and check. Apparently I own about 130 CDs, 800 LPs, 200 7" and 140 12" (mostly house music and maxi-singles). No cassettes, though, or 8-tracks (do want some, though even if it's just for nostalgia...). And I am not counting MP3 downloads here... oh dear.

2/ What are your top ten recording artists - based on the number of their CDs/albums you own?


The Stones



The Beatles






3/ What recording artist have you collected the most of?

Madge. Hands down. I have all of her albums. All. Of. Them. And many compilations, singles and remixes. Yep. I'm a fan.

4/ What CD/record do you own that would surprise me (and possibly embarrass you)?

Remember these? For awhile I did not buy much music. I only bought these collections they'd put out every year. It was like buying singles, I guess... Half of the songs were forgettable one hit wonders, though.

5/ What are your guilty pleasures - i.e. artists that the music press/public disdain, but you're rather fond of?

I love Boy George and Culture Club. I have most of their records and many of George's solo CDs. Everybody wonders why I like them so much and I don't know what to say. I just do. 

6/ What CDs do you own that are still in the plastic/unopened?

None. I always open them and play them right away. I'm impatient. 

7/ Do you own any CDs you hate?

Nope. Why would I? There are some CDs I have not played in years, but that's just because I can only play CDs in my car...

8/ Do you own any CDs/Albums that you listened to so much that you can't bring yourself to listen to again?

Nope. I cycle through so much music every week that I don't get tired. Now that I mention it, I listen to music ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Even when I'm taking a shower. 

9/ What is the first vinyl album or CD you bought? 

It was a Billie Holiday CD. Now I own it in vinyl too. I bought it because the man I loved loved her. Billie is still with me, though...

10/ What are the most recent CDs you bought?

Billie Eillish. Don't smile at me.

Sam Smith. Love Goes.

Omar Apollo. Apolonio

Aerosmith. Greatest Hits. 
This one is the last vinyl records I bought. I miss going crate digging. 

So now, if we were having a kiki and some drinks and you'd have to recommend an album for me to buy, which one would you suggest? Why?.

I'm all ears



  1. First off, no way n the world Boy George is a guilty pleasure!
    And as for music you want to buy ... I, too, have been a Billi Holiday fan for eons and have many of her discs, many on vinyl, too, but one of my favorites is Live at Storyville, from 1951. There aren't too many live Holiday performances and this one is really nice.

    Also, to be like one of the cool, hip kids of today, check out some Sammy Davis Jr early stuff. He was one cool cat.

    1. I know, right? The Boy is awesome.
      And Billie is absolutely divine. I do not have anything live by her. The one you have is probably a collector's item! People NEVER let go of their Billie records, apparently. They're super expensive.
      And you know what? I should try Sammy Davis Jr. Wasn't he part of the Pack Rat? I have Dean Martin, so why not?


  2. Sam Smith looks so sexy and GAYYYYYY

    1. Gotta love it, right?
      I love my gays.


  3. I'm not smiling at you, I like Billie Eilish too.

    1. I really, really like Billie Eillish.
      I find her sound intriguing. And I love her style.
      I can't believe she's so young.


  4. How many CDs do you have? Vinyl albums? Cassettes? 8-Traks? 45's? Around 150. No tapes anymore. 8-traks? Do I look old?

    My top ten is all over the board. But my favorite to listen to and enjoy all over and over again would be....anything Madonna, Amy Winehouse, ABBA Greatest Hits, Shirley Bassey, Julie London, any of my Junior Vasquez cds, Pet Shop Boys, Palmoa Faith, Yma Sumac,Emma Bunton, Swedish House Mafia.

    What recording artist have you collected the most of? I own more Madonna then anyone else. Most of my collection is swingers and coroners and house music.

    What CD do you own that would surprise me? I have a Mae West record on vinyl that was my father's.

    What are your guilty pleasures - i.e. artists that the music press/public disdain, but you're rather fond of? Grimes, ABBA, Betty Boo, Great White, Charo CD....and surprisingly I enjoy Miranda Lambert

    Do you own any CDs you hate? Don't hate it...but my least favorite is by an artist named Tweet. And the Samantha Mumbo CD I bought for one good song.

    I haven't bought a CD in two years or possibly longer. Everything is on I tunes for me now.

    I think Mariah Carey was the first CD, I bought her debut album...back when she actually sang and not catwalled and remembered the lyrics. I have her albums right up too Music Box....and then she was downhill. And it should be illegal for her to sing Christmas songs.

    Everyone should have at least ONE Yum Sumac album in their collection.

    1. OMG Maddieeeee
      I am totally into the PSB. I've been trying to get their records but there's very few in the crates. Their sound is soooo cool.
      I also love house music. Love my twelve inches. I have parties alone.
      You have a Mae West record that was your father's? That is bot awesome and super sweet.
      Tweet? Wasn't she a Missy Elliot protegeé?
      And you are not going to believe this, but I have two Yma Sumac records. That VOICE!!


  5. Oy. I can't count anymore - my head hurts.
    I had an old Wurlitzer jukebox...played 45s (because I have a ton of them) and 78s (because I have lots, going back to the 30s). Loved that thing. Then it broke and I couldn't afford to have the part machined. sigh
    As I mentioned on Upton's post that day, my all-time, I'll-buy-it-if-she-records-it is Barbra. My guilty pleasure has always been Broadway soundtracks.
    Haven't purchased a CD in a long time. The last one was probably "Walls." XOXO

    1. OMB Big
      You had a jukebox? That's awesome! My one friends keeps telling me that I should have one. Maybe when I have a house? By then they'll be museum pieces, though. LOL
      And you know what? I went to check and I have six (!!) Barbra albums. Seven if we count No More Tears.... Who knew?


    2. Yep. It was a 1951 jukebox. LOL. I think they are museum pieces!
      Oh, Six... Only 6 or 7??? There's got to be close to 100. Get with the program, buddy! Get with the program. XOXO

    3. Sweet! 1951!!!!
      When we moved here the precious owner had one and I was all friendly with him hoping he'd offer it. Alas, he took it with him. I would have loved to have it.
      And yes, I'm a bad gay. I do need to kind of do some research and get some more. Otherwise, I'll have to return my gay toaster!!


  6. Oh, I have so much Madge!!!

    You own quite a collection! Would love to come over some day and listen to your music collection.

    1. Love me some Madonna.
      And can you imagine? We should eventually have a get together with Maddie and Upton and dance in my living room!


  7. Replies
    1. As in you like it, or you don't like it?
      Dave, stop being so crypticccccc.



  8. I’m a Richard Marx fan.

    1. And you know what?
      He was not that bad.
      And he's super woke nowadays! His twitter feed is fire.


  9. Adore Boy George.. solo. His first and second solo discs are must haves - is the second one called High Hat? Anyhoo. Love your stuff. We could spend all day pulling stuff out... music, I mean. (hee hee). Blondie... do you have all their newer stuff - I adore it. There are always two or three tracks that sound exactly like how I like my Blondie. I have been planning on creating a Greatest Hits II CD for them... but I can't find my copy of No Exit. Anyhoo... And I love one hit wonders. CDs full of them. What you should buy... okay. Jazmine Sullivan's first album, Fearless. Then find RES - How I Do. We'll start there, dear. Maybe you already own them. We are pretty sync'd up. Kizzes.

    1. Same.
      The Boy has always been one of my favs. I have High Hat in my iTunes!!
      We would have a blast! We should plan a music day with Maddie and JM. And Zoom it to the others LOL
      I loved Blondie's Maria. Their newer stuff is still cool.
      And I need to find Jazmine Sullivan and RES. Have never heard of them!



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