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the naked truth

MARKHENDERSON I’ve been always partial to JJ Knight . I’m biased . What can I say? The thing is, he reminds me of somebody I dated many years ago. The height, the body, the eyes, the smile, the voice. Everything. It's uncanny. And what is porn but us projecting ourselves onto what we see on the screen? I was really dickmatized that time and it took me years to stop letting him kiss me every time we met. I'm obviously living precariously through JJ Knight, but hey.  Here, JJ and Ricky Roman answer questions about their lives and my ears immediately perked up. You know how much I like listening to porn stars talk. I also like to watch them fuck, of course (duh) but I'm always curious to see what's behind the curtain. And here, JJ give some very interesting insights. Here's some tea: Gay for pay: He says they're efficient. They go in and do their job. I don't really like them because when I watch porn, I want to watch two gay men getting it oh. The whole '

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