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Oh, Sweden...

It's been super cold in the Midwest, with temperatures going as low as -2 degrees in my neck of the woods and they're promising 1 degrees tomorrow. Heatwave! Yep, it's winter and therefore this post rings appropriate to me. What better place to compare our current weather than Sweden? Also, The Vilbergs, who show us how it's done with camp, fab costumes, a great accent and love (Maddie knows who I'm talking about). The thing is, there's nothing written on how, where and with whom we connect. There's a shoe for every foot and we should not forget it. @thevilbergs , along with the @bouletbrothers are one of those couples that give me hope. Why? Because intimacy is crucial for a good relationship and there's nothing more intimate than being weird with the one you love. And the Vilbergs kind of achieve that. Enjoy! And stay warm   weird. XOXO

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