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With the comments on that last post about porn star awards I was curious. So how does it work? Does it mean the performers get money? Or are just recognized? Does it advance their career? I have many questions and I was not able to find many answers. What I did find was a lot of dick. The Dong Parade, as Mr. Shife puts it.

So last time I posted about the Str8UpGayPorn awards, but apparently there’s also the GayVN awards. I have no idea if the winners get a pay bump or better billing, but I think getting recognition for the job one does should certainly feel good. Especially in porn. Especially in gay porn, where performers may not get the accolades they deserve. I, for one, think many gay porn stars are super cool (and I mean GAY porn stars, not the gay-for-pay assholes) and I’ll love to get to know one one day. Biblically, too, if possible.

So these were the nominees for best performer for the 2020 GAYVNs:

Bruce Beckham

Cameron Parks

DeAngelo Jackson

Matthew Camp

Max Adonis

Max Konn…

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