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After forever

So I blame Jimmy on this post. He was the one who said that he’d watch Schitt’s Creek after he finished After Forever. And because I’m super curious I watched the promo and decided I had to watch it. Add to that the fact that usually I just have got to get my monthly dose of gay romance (and make sure that Jeff Bezos knows that representation matters) I scouted someone with Amazon Prime and pounced. Oh, I’m shameless like that. I had to fucking dog sit to get my greedy little hands on the series, but I got to watch it.

And I’m glad.  If you didn’t get it from the promo, it’s a show about love and loss and love. It's about friends and lovers and family. It's about finding someone and losing him. It's about how hard it is to let go of someone and how necessary it is to do so when the time comes. And it's about how men over forty are still very much vital and are handsome and desirable (no matter what the gaystapo makes people think). I was partial to David, being that I…

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