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I'm ready for summer. And DSQUARED2 has some of the clothes that would definitely make my summer. I am more than ready to shed the heavy layers and the ties. It's gonna be a summer of shorts and big t-shirts and boots. Kind of grunge-meets-punk-meets-pixie. Yep. That's gonna be my spring-summer look. And where does this kind of madness comes from, you'd ask? Well, you're going to have to blame Huntley for it. You see, for my birthday in March, he sent me a gift card. And it took me all of a weekend to go spend that money in... clothes. And what did I find? A very cool Nirvana t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. Yeah, I'm single handedly bringing grunge back. Kidding! But that's gonna be the basis for everything I wear this summer. I'm going to be working from home (Yay! Right up my alley, especially with the Monkeypox fuckery going around now) so I will be able to literally wear whatever the fuck I want. Videoconferences be damned.  I'm loving this

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