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  BETTYBOWERS When they read the guilty verdict for the killer of George Floyd I realized that I was holding my breath. I am not a Black person, and still, this verdict was important to me in ways I had not realized before. Because the fact that police has killed more than fourteen thousand people in the last fourteen years is telling. It's telling that less than eight police officers (counting Chauvin) have been brought to justice is telling. It's also telling that an overwhelming majority of people killed by police is Black.  CHRISVANDERVEEN But this is just a first step. The media keeps using the police's point of view to report on these deaths, forgetting that the police was created to hunt down Black bodies. Failing to report the killings of hundreds of Black people who have died just like George Floyd did, puts the onus on the people whose job is to report these kinds of things. It should not be left to bystanders like Darnella Frazier , a then seventeen year old on

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