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Mr. Jones

Oh, Tom.
Well, I was bingeing on Glee over the weekend (the Blaine and Kurt romance and Kurt's dad and all that jazz) when the It's not Unusual number came up. Mesmerized. I was mesmerized. I knew I had heard the song before and down the rabbit hole on youtube I went. And I found footage of Tom Jones in his heyday performing that song. And I stayed mesmerized.

Apparently Tom Jones had a raw sexuality that transcended. As I understand it, women threw their underwear at him and I can see why. He was apparently a construction worker who raised to fame with a series of hits in the sixties. He recorded a demo of It's not Unusual and the rest is history. He cultivated an image of hypersexuality the likes of which we have not seen ever since.

But what I like is the way he moved. He KNEW he was sexy. Notice that I say sexy and not handsome. Tom Jones was not handsome in a conventional way. He was a little rough around the edges but he knew how to move his body. And those pants! …

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