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Reading is fundamental

“If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!”― John Waters
I, of course, agree with John Waters. I once went home with a very, very attractive man with extremely outstanding qualities. OUTSTANDING, I'm telling you. Don't you know that when we got to his place, his mattress was on the floor, he only had water and cereal in his kitchen and there was not a book, magazine or newspaper in sight. I left. He was flabbergasted (and erect) but I was unmoved. He lived like he had just moved there. He had been in that place for a year! How could somebody so perfect not have ANY printed material in his house?

But this post is not about me not giving the semiliterate Adonis some ass. It's about the bibliography of my life (annotated). Here’s some books I think many gay boys could read just for the kick of it. This post was inspired by dear Walter, who basically gave me the idea when I posted about the soundtrack of my life. So here we go:

When I…

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