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Standing By

  It may be a New York Minute until I come back. I may not post much and I may not comment a lot. I'm waiting for Blogger to 'revise' their decision to delete my post. If they don't do anything, I am not going to sit here and wait for them to delete my blog(s). Fuck them and their algorithm. I am not going to be censured by one of three stupid motherfuckers paid by Blogger, working from some broom closet in California's silicon valley or from their mother's basement  garden apartment to decide what is 'threatening’ in a post about collages taken from Instagram. Fuck that. If they say nothing about my post and do not repost it (technically, it didn't violate any of their terms) I think I will eventually phase this blog out and I'll move to WordPress with Lurkie and JM before I suffer the fate of so many blogs that just disappear one day. And don't worry, I’ll let you know where it is that I’m keeping up with my TMI tradition. Also, you will be abl

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