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No matter if it's a Zaddy and his boy, a Solo job, using the Car or being Driven around and using the 

Backseat to your advantage. Amateur porn is always more fun: yes

I like amateur porn way better than studio porn. It's more.... real? It has awkward pauses, weird angle and bad lighting and I think it's super HOT! The interactions are of course, much more authentic, the bodies are much more normal (even though some of these amateur guys could totally make a professional porno!) and the shaky camera work makes for tricky yet hot viewing.

What I like best is the urgency, the hunger, the need. They are all palpable in these slices of life that some brave souls let us watch. They're our neighbors, our teachers, our bank tellers, our road construction workers, our lawyers, our drugstore clerks. They are real people. And they have real sex. And that, my friend, is invaluable.



  1. Nobody commented here... big chickens. I am totally with you here, studio porn does very little for me, two regular guys just having fun is really hot to me.

    1. hahaha
      Yep they come, take care of business and leave. How dare they!
      And yep, amateur porn is so much hotter...



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