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Ah! Good sex.
Good sex is good sex. Seems simple, right?
And it should be. Flesh is only a metaphor for what we keep in our minds. I think that the way we approach pleasure is totally linked to the way we manifest our erotic desires. Some people define good sex and they bound it by length of time or amount of theatrics or guided by the purely visual pleasure of seeing what we want or by the fulfillment of a kink or a hidden desire. But good sex is just a collection of moments, like happiness.

You see, I believe that happiness is a collection of moments that go from the funny to to the joyful. And then we put them all together. And we decide we are happy. Same with good sex: good sex is all those moments when we have felt so close to someone that we tend to forget ourselves. It could be how you feel because of the way he touches you, or because of the way he kisses you, or the way he takes you from behind, the way he puts his mouth on you or the way he moans in your ear as he's about to cum. Then all those moments together are 'good sex'. It could be with the man you've been with for the last ten years or the man you just met. It just happens.

Good sex is not a checklist. Good sex can happen in the middle of routine Monday morning sex. Good sex can happen out of nowhere in a parking lot. Good sex can happen with the person you least expect it to happen. Good sex does not require a perfect moment or a perfect body. Good sex just requires you and the person who is giving you pleasure and it needs for that person to tap in what you consider erotic over and over. And what you consider erotic is in your mind. That's the biggest sex organ we have.

So maybe we just need to free our minds and the pleasure will follow. It just takes a little bit of prodding for the flesh to become conscious ...





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