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I'd like to put you in a trance, all over...

I like porn. Like many people, I enjoy watching others getting it on. And I think we should all be more open about that. Porn is still that dirty little secret we keep from people. It's that shameful, hidden, dirty part of ourselves that we tend to keep out of the light.

I think some people see it as something furtive, sinful, degrading, to some extent. And I don't think that should be the case. Yes, I understand the whole issue about human trafficking, exploitation and toll it takes on some people, but I also think that porn has its place and time.

I like porn not only as entertainment. I also like porn because  even though I KNOW that not everybody looks like a porn actor and that not everybody does what they do on screen on the daily, I can enjoy the esthetics and the pleasure they project. Porn is fantasy, like they put on the disclaimer at the beginning of the videos. Porn is more about us as watchers than about the people on the screen, of course. We project ourselves on the people getting it on and vicariously enjoy what they are doing. The whole industry is based on the consumer, just like anything else in this commodified world.

I don't think porn is a replacement for sex or that it should be regarded as an instruction manual. But I'm sure some people feel that is possible. To me, porn is more about the uninhibited nature of sex exploration. About the possibilities of sex. I think erotica (both in image and written) should be approached from an organic point of view: it's all about the senses. It's about the enjoyment of another person from a very primal, basic perspective: the need we have for human contact. I enjoy porn because I witness the most intimate kind of contact we can have with another human being: you are as close to someone as you can be. And that is exciting.

So I like porn, and like you, I enjoy it. And I think it should not be a dirty little secret. We should be more open about sex in general, in my humble opinion. But until that happens, keep those bookmarks handy. You're going to need them.





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