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greg and joey

The grainy quality of the video is witness to its enduring attraction. This was one of those first amateur tapes that surfaced and became viral in the early 1990s. Greg and Joey get it on for all the world to see. And we were ready to watch them getting it on.

What is the setting? Who are these two guys? Are they really Greg and Joey? They look like the product of one of the first Gonzo filmmakers out there. The camerawork is shaky and uneven. There is basically no direction but there seem to be some cuts. Were they just getting drunk and fucking? What is going on?

Those and many other questions may never be answered but the raw quality of the encounter will forever be online. Its almost illicit quality translates almost tangibly into the image. It's urgent. It's hot and it's sexy. Most sites have a copy of their almost surreal coupling and it'll give people a raise even though it's been years since they got it on.

Here's for Greg and Joey.





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