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I got this idea from GodsAmongstMen, where I usually get distracted from the great political points he makes by the hot men he posts. As one is prone to doing. But back to Mr. Knight. He seems to be quite the morsel. And I have a thing for tall men. I'm all for that 'size difference' porn. But what's attractive is to see him so into the encounter.

Finding men in porn who seem to be so into the moment, so obviously into the men they're fucking that you can't help but get actually turned on. Most porn seems to be so fixated in the 'perfect' body or dick that whomever is producing the video forgets to actually offer a product that is tantalizing.

Mr. Knight shrimps and rims and sucks and fucks. And he is not just another chiseled, primped, plucked and pumped model. He looks like a man who can and will fuck you. And that, my dear, IS what smut is for.





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