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A year? A WHOLE year?

Today it kind of hit me again: it's going to be a year since my first Homecoming. And you were part of that experience. Is that why it's so fresh in my memory? I don't know. It may be that mercurial urge you seem to experience to suddenly pop up on the phone and be all urgent and then... nothing. It's like living in "It's oh so quiet" by Bjork. With you doing the mental cartwheels instead of the Icelandic pixie.

But it was a cool first experience for me. It was strangely liberating, roaming among the fratboys, sorority girls, jocks and assorted clueless freshmen, being so close and talking in secretive tones. It was cool. That's why I don't need any kind of 'enhancement' -alcohol, pot, whatever- to feel good. It's all in the company we keep, babyboy. And yours was all I needed that night.

After that, it's been all a blur. I can't believe your visit after the dance, and all the months that have followed. It seems like it was last week, but a million years ago. I think I'm going back today. After a dinner at a friend's house. You know me, trying to compound and mash my two worlds. After all, that Bjork video is not too far from my life.

Cheers, babyboy.




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