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Isomnia is back. Funny, isn't it? It seems there's a lot of stuff in my head. Running, running, running. I don't know which of the 'issues' is the one that is not letting me sleep, but I could have my pick, I guess: work, life, love? Always running around in my head, making me twitch and jump and lay awake with him by my side.
I don't know. Maybe all three work together to wake me up and make me lay there. Meanwhile, I sit in front of this screen. I read the blogs, I watch news and work on papers and stuff I need done. The computer and the many websites I visit have become a valid excuse to do something besides watching The Twilight Zone reruns that I like so much.
I browse deviantart a lot. It's a beautiful site, it's creative and it's very homoerotic, when you know where to look. And you know how I like that. These pictures are some of the many I've found there. They're beautiful, sexy, innocent. As innocent as naked men can be.
Oh well. I think I'll go back to Rod Serling, whom I found oddly attractive when I was a little kid. Proof that the more we change the more we stay the same. And I better stop looking for pictures. These are actually beginning to reflect how I feel: restless, half-asleep, somehow excited. This may end up in onanism.
Cheers, babyboy.




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