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Not making nice

I fell asleep early last night. And missed the Grammys. Oh, well. Next year. But apparently the Dixie Chicks won five trophies and won the coveted song of the year award. Awesome.
I could not believe when I read they had been blacklisted by the redneck country stations that made them stars. With burning and crushing of CDs and their songs not being played in country stations. Go figure. Just because they said in Europe that they thought the president was an idiot. As if people would actually realize at that moment that Georgie is a moron.
But in the double-wide world (where the insipid Carrie Underwood is queen) anybody with a brain and a mouth is deemed dangerous. So the Chicks were ignored and their latest CD too.
But the Grammys just gave them some vindication. The voters have spoken. And their latest CD sold more than a million copies. Without the help of the rednecks near the turntable. I feel kind of good because I bought their latest CD. My firs album by a country group. And it's pretty good. I've listened to it several times and find it less redneck than I thought. It's kind of ... universal? It's a different sound and I like the vocals and the lyrics. And that's what counts when listening to music. Don't you think?
Now I want to watch their documentary 'Shut up and sing'. I'm so logging on the Public Library now...




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