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Went to Dlist because I saw an ad for it in dudetube, the now offline boyfest I used to visit almost every day for a dose of eye candy. Funny, how even thought Dlist is touted as a 'gay myspace' and how even though it demands that you publish a 'real' picture of yourself it still manages to be less 'friendly'.

I have to really confess that I have not dared add anybody yet (somebody did add me, though) but I have emailed some guys and IM'd some others. They have been cool. But I think I'm a little intimidated by the super-buff, extra-stylish dudes on Dlist. I guess I go for a less peacocky kind of guy. More like the garden variety than the hothouse kind. I guess I prefer those who are horny but down-to-earth, slutty but nice, those who would do you like there's no tomorrow once they get over themselves.

I imagine I'm more into substance than flash. Age, you wonder? But those guys seem more interesting to me (for conversation and whatever comes) than the ones with seven nude pictures in their profiles. Average Joes are cool. There should be some of those on there. Probably living in Anchorage, but that does not matter. For a laptop-addicted quasi-geek like me, that's good enough. After all we're here for the fun, not the hookup, right?




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