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So porn in moving into the mainstream. Or at least some porn performers are. Not a surprise, but it's always been girls (Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson). Now some boys are doing it, too (Johnny Hazzard, who is somewhere in this blog) and Colton Ford a very, very yummy guy who's been trying his hand at singing for awhile (didn't Jeff Striker try to do something like that, too? I can only remember Powertool).
In any case, the very yummy Mr. Colt has a MySpace page (who doesn't??) and a video in youtube:

It may not be the most brilliant song ever and he may not be Andrea Bocelli, but he's yummy, in a relationship with even yummier Blake Harper (who once signed a photo for me at The Eagle in Pittsburgh!!) out and proud and doing what he likes best. Hopefully will get somewhere singing.
Good luck, Mr. Ford.




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