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I'm having one of those 'moments'. If you look at one of the previous posts, you'll see a bit about Harlow Cuadra, the yummy porn star about whom I wrote a little bit a few days ago. Well, now Harlow's and Joe Kerekes, his partner in sex and crime are featured in both Rolling Stone and OUT magazine! Cool cultural moment:

The Case of the Cobra Killer
The murder of Internet porn producer Bryan Kocis -- and subsequent arrest of two other Web porn stars -- is busting the porn industry wide open.

Of course, bloggers have been on their ass for quite awhile, probing, prodding and sweating over their sleazy connection, raise to fame and fall from grace (one of the problems of printed press is that nowadays it's always a few weeks behind on stories like this, that burst on the blogsphere as they happen). But the 'mainstream' press has just caught up with the whole brouhaha. And in two publications that are kind of different one from the other, but both aiming towards the 'open-minded'.

And of course there is a blog dedicated to all things Harlow and Joe, where they keep updating us on what's going on with their lives. Or lack thereof. Fascinating, how things work out these days. Those days of a boy shouting news in a street corner to get people to buy his newspapers for a penny are definitely far, far away.


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