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His name is Cameron Diggs. There was a moment a few years ago that he was all over the pornsphere, letting us gawk at the tats and the muscles and the sneer. Then he was gone. A natural progression, you'd say? Well, they do come and go fast and furious in porn, but this one apparently got an invite he could not refuse. You see, Mr. Diggs is apparently a White Supremacist sympathizer who's even gone as far as to tattoo nazi symbols on himself. Yep. As if anybody would miss looking at his body.

The eagle eye gays noticed an Iron Cross and some SS lighting bolts on him that were kind of an indication where his race 'preferences' were centered. Add to that the fact that Mr. Diggs also clarified his position, just in case someone was wondering:

“I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from,” an account using Diggs’s name wrote on Str8UpGayPorn on July 14. “I feel like we are suppose [sic] to continue our race and our culture… When it comes to having kids, I prefer to stay inside my race. It’s nothing hateful towards any race, it’s just what I believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?”

I apparently missed all the drama because I only consume porn from the tubes, I don't have thousands to buy it from RagingHotFalcon, CockyBoys or NakedSword, who actually employed Mr. Diggs. I found to about the drama when I was looking at something about Blake Mitchell on Str8upgayporn that this little bit about Mr. Diggs popped up on a sidebar. And of course, I zeroed on it like a hawk.

I admit I stopped and gawked when I saw Mr.Diggs the first time because he called my attention but then I moved on. And that really doesn't happen often. When I notice a porn start that's yummy AND seems to have something interesting about him, I like to dig a little and go down the rabbit hole finding stuff about him. It's always interesting to find out information about the man you're ogling, don't you think?

But Mr. Diggs seemed to be the kind of 'model' who does mostly solo or wham-bam-suck-me-man kind of scenes and I lost interest. I like my porn stars very, very gay or at least very, very committed to thoroughly fucking whomever it is they are fucking on screen. And Mr. Diggs seemed a little bit too distant for my taste. He was playing up that 'I'm-here-for-the-money' thing that some studios promote in their models. But there was something more about him. You don't see that lack of connection even in Dink Flamingo's productions, who specializes on gay-for-pay!

So I did not seen Mr. Diggs ever again in anything new on the usual video sites. He apparently disappeared. Then I read he was caught in a raid where drugs were involved. I was not surprised, though. Maybe it was a natural progression for somebody like him? He WAS dangerous, apparently, and most probably ended up being part of some Aryan Brotherhood gang in jail.  I don't think there's a place for nazis in gay porn. Or in life.

But apparently some gay porn sites still stuck with him after his 'preference' was noticed. And they still employed him. There's enough racism in gay porn coming from guys who like to talk about their 'preference' (we all know that's dog whistle for racist shit) and other thing to expect gay men to pay for watching a nazi fuck somebody. No matter how hot the nazi, that shit is not Kosher.  Good riddance, I think.  There's enough attractive, muscular, tattooed non-nazi gay porn stars for us to admire. We don't need Mr. Diggs and his 'preference' to stain our spank bank.



  1. Oh my God. Con la boca abierta me he quedado, jeje. Menudo chulazo, tú...

  2. ...por comentar viendo solo las fotos y sin traducir el texto, me quedé sin entender el contenido...y es verdad, a pesar de lo guapo que pueda parecer, el ser conocedor de lo que hay detrás del cuerpo hace que pierda bastante atractivo. Para que luego me llamen superfluo, jajaja.
    Un abrazo, guapo.

  3. I totally agree. Given the blatant history of there groups, and their outspoken views on the queer community, why would gay sites continue to employ these individuals. More importantly, why do gay men feel drawn to them? I’m dumbfounded by the logic, if any exists.

    But then I look at the state of our torn country and maybe this is a logical progression. I don’t know. I’ll leave it to the bigger brains to figure that out.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  4. He liked himself a tattoo or two I see. Too many for my liking, but no doubt....that is a cock I would suck. The porn industry can certainty take a toll on people...that's for sure and for many different ways and reasons.

  5. To Huntlybiguy....I wonder if it's because gay guys always want the men they can't have?

  6. Mistress, there may be something to that. I guess it just may be human nature.

  7. stroke it, baby, stroke it! but I ain't into tats either.


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