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When I was on Tumblr, I met this guy who has two dicks. Well, I say I 'met' this guy, but you know how these things go online. You know that online you 'meet' a ton of people, but in this case the exchange was fascinating. At the beginning, I thought it was all a big joke. I reblogged one of his quotes and he slid into my DMs. And we started talking. 

And it turned out to be he was for real! Smart, witty and somehow self-deprecating. Something that would blow most people's minds up was for him a common occurrence: he has two dicks. Both fully functional and nothing to smirk at. And he's not bad looking at all and bisexual, so... a total unicorn. 

Apparently his condition is not genetic, but it IS extremely rare. I'm glad his family never considered him to be a freak and that he never actually excised one of his penises to be more 'normal'. Of course, I think that as anybody with a condition that makes them sui-generis, the fact of having two dicks has influenced his outlook in life. He did a reddit AMA and of course, the questions poured in. Some of those he had already answered to me, so I can kind of attest to their veracity.

So what would it be like to have two dicks? I cannot even imagine it. Of course, this is a condition that requires a high degree of intimacy to be discovered, but I wonder, what would it be to have a relationship with someone who is so absolutely uncommon? It may seem a dream come for some men: imagine what sex would be like with a man who can fuck you with his two dicks. Even though the logistics would have to be negotiated before (the left one or the right one? which one has the stronger erection? do we alternate? how vigorous can it be?) it's the actual IDEA what would be absolutely mind-blowing. 

And there's the whoa factor. I think it would be similar to fucking somebody who is a rock star or a porn star or some very famous person. I'm sure his sexual partners (that apparently are counted by the hundreds) have been pleasantly surprised to find out how especial he really was, but I wonder if in the back of his mind he would wonder if it was his winning personality what got him to fuck them or if it was his being double-headed what got him some nookie. 

In any case, I ended up buying his book. And yes, it's a very easy read, nothing impressive as literature goes, but a document that lets us see the person behind the dicks. It's not all wine and roses, and having two dicks has its drawbacks. You really learn about something that is so far away to your daily life that it seems fiction. But it's somebody's life. And even though I am curious about his second volume (he published a second book about his adventures), I have yet to buy it. Maybe I'll do that. But with all the work I have and all the books I still have in my kindle (I'm a sucker for M/M fiction!) and on my night table I would have to have carve some time to read it. Maybe for xmas? Not like reading about the adventures of a man with two dicks before bed would warrant going to sleep right away. Right?



  1. I had read about him, probably from a tip from you. It is a fascinating situation to be in. You could have a guy that could double dick you by himself. If I remember correctly they were not identical so you could also have some variety. “I’m not up for the big one today, let’s go with the smaller one dude.”

  2. I two read about him, or another guy who had this. I don't think I'd mind my partner having to dicks. Although a double penetration might hurt. And then there's the whole issue of how to keep both in your underwear. I have an issue keeping one in my briefs when I get hard

    Have a nice weekend guys!!!!!!

  3. WHOA! I have trouble handling one at a time, let alone two! YOWZA!

  4. Totalmente de acuerdo con el último comentario: si ya a veces me hago un lío con una, no quiero ni pensar lo que sería tener que pelear con dos lagartos dentro del calzoncillo, jajaja...¡qué cosas! Casi me da hasta curiosidad leer el libro...
    Abrazos y muy buen fin de semana, guapo.


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