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Oh well. It’s that time of the year again.
And I am supposed to do my end of the year list and decide on things I am going to do and complete and make sure I accomplish in order to have an awesome year. All in all, I guess I'm ready for a new year. This past year has been both a whirlwind and an oasis and that's something that makes me a little bit uneasy. Overall, some things have stayed the same in those fronts we care about: work, love, family. But some things within those staples have morphed and I think they will stay in flux for awhile and that gives me some trepidation. But I may have to do some resolutions and even though I'm not one to get into new diets or promise I will do shit I KNOW I won't follow through I may have to hold myself responsible for some changes.

One of the things I have to do for myself is to try to take things less seriously. Really. I have been way too intense when it comes to some things lately. I have been taking things to heart and way too personally and that has got to end. I have to learn to relax, to enjoy myself and others much more and really focus on my well-being. I think that writing a blog long form has helped me take a look at myself and even though I don't write about family or work here, the process of writing these posts do create a good headspace and it allows me to look at things around me and analyze them. And I think that's a good start.

I think self-reflection is essential for growth, and we all look towards that goal in order to be better people. I need to concentrate on things like being more mindful of what I say and do in my daily life and maybe being more thankful for what I've got. There's nothing certain in my life right now (but death and taxes, amiright?) and that sometimes keeps me a little bit on edge and leads me to compartmentalize a little too much, but my hope is that this coming year and next will see me solving some of those puzzles that do not let me set my feet on the ground.

Really. We don't know what the future holds and that's what makes life interesting. But there are some things that do fall within our control and those are the ones I plan on keeping an eye on to make sure my life is on track and that I'm enjoying it. So what do you say, Constant Reader? Wanna come along? I hope your New Year is awesome and that it brings you much love, prosperity and happiness. Because we're worth it, right?



  1. Babe, it’s been a year, hasn’t it? The best thing about my year was that you were a part of it. Though our relationship isn’t perfect, we try to make it work as best we can, within the constraints before us.

    And I hope that the coming year is much better than the last. Hopefully it can’t get any worse. Here’s to a happier and healthier 2019 🥂

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎉

  2. I wish that dude was squirting something else instead of that bottle! HNY, dear!

  3. Your blog ecchos myown thoughts almost exactly
    Happy new year dearheart

  4. Well you saw my post. I think were all on the same page. I'm so glad I found you this year, or you me. I enjoy reading your entries. As far as resolutions, I dont make any. Besides, by 1am I have already fell off the wagon eating to much, said something catty and sucked a dick.

    Happy New Year!!! 🎉🍸🎊🎩🎈


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