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Oh yes.
You see, when I grow up, I wanna have her quick wit and her potty mouth. Wanda Sykes is one of the funniest people I've seen doing stand up comedy. Quick on her feet, witty to a fault and 'real' like no other. I had this in my back burner but I am writing this post now because dear Steven posted about Wanda (tangentially, natch) and so I had to come up with this post right away to ride on his coattails. Blogging. Always fun.

Wanda is part of my holy trinity of comedians: Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin and Wanda Sykes are the triumvirate of funny for me. Together, they are the woman I would like to be if I were a woman: incisive, able to look at the ugly in life in the face and laugh about it, quick of mind and tongue and smart as a whip. They have lived and they use the dark side of their lives to illuminate the ridiculous, the stupid and the downright absurd of what we call our daily lives.

I think Wanda has been funnier after she came out. Think Ellen. The closed stifled them. Now Wanda's best bits are about her life with her (white, French) wife and (white, most probably French) kids. She nails the ill-concealed disgust that most people feel for Cheeto and her toilet paper bit in this special is HYSTERICAL and probably totally accurate. She also tackles race, of course, because who's most entitled to talk about race than a person of color? No, don't answer. That was really not a question. And she makes it as raucous as when she talks about the current political moment in America or her use of Vick's. Oh, and the bit about the Bachelorette? Priceless.

But mostly, she delivers the point that the fresh hell of the Cheeto presidency is not fucking normal. These are not normal times. And we need to do something. We need to be politically active and politically savvy. Yes. Because the Orange Dotard in the White House needs to fucking go.

So stream her special. And if you don't have Netflix, invite yourself to a friend's house and watch it with them. Especially if they don't have any black friends. Go ahead, I support you. I would invite you to come over to watch it with me, but I ran our of vodka and triple sec and I cannot make Cosmos. Choices.



  1. I love her too! Thanks for the heads up -- I'm off to Netflix!

  2. I'd post a comment, but I'm off to Netflix to watch the show.

  3. You used the best word to describe Wanda, besides hilarious, she's"real"!

  4. First you invite me... now you uninvite me? You gay guys are so dramatic! You have tea don't you? Anyway I'm going to try to see this. I love Margaret as well, she is also hilarious, remember "too much ass" lol!

  5. Wanda and Lisa Lampanelli are my all time two favorites. Especially lisa...I have a good filthy insult comic. And Wanda is hilarious on this new show I watch called The Other Two.

  6. Totally agree with you Maddie, she was great on The Other Two. She’s very funny every time I’ve seen her. She leaves me wanting more.

  7. my friend sassybear makes the BEST cosmos. I cannot find anyone else that makes cosmos like sassybear. here is his website: https://idleeyesandadormy.com

  8. @Debra and @Walter:Let us know what you think! I think I'll watch it again.
    @Bob: she is! Her stories are hilarious but relatable. It's as if someone would look us in the eye and ask: so you think you've had it bad?
    @Steven: you can come and drink my tea any time, Steve-o. And you have got to come visit. Me or Maddie.
    @Maddie and @Bae:: I need to watch that!
    @Dave: she is! I laughed so hard I got the hiccups.
    @AnneMarie: I'm going to have to look him up! Yum Cosmos.



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