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Yes, Michael. In the evidence of its brilliance this truth stands alone. Well, this one and the one about not fucking anybody who does not have books in his house / reads. Because a gay man may not have a pet and his place can be a little messy, but no plants? The horror. Allow me to elaborate.  I am able to give a pass to gross pets (I draw the LINE at spiders and snakes though. That'll be a NO from me) but no pets and no plants and no books?  And a dirty apartment? There's something fishy there. I imagine it just talks to us the fact that the man we wanna bang shows a level of care for things that are not himself. For all the self-absorption that many gay men can brandish like a cub, it's always nice to notice that we are really not that vacuous. So yeah, apparently nowadays we have to look at what plants he has at home (or in his garden, natch), as well as if he reads or has a pet. It may have to do with something atavistic in us? Apart from being a sign that the

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