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Its been awhile since I've dated only white guys. With all the brouhaha about the Caucasity of hookup apps and the decidedly clear objectification of men of color, I got to thinking that I had only dated white guys ever since Nando. That's right an he had time to date other men, get married and all that. And I'm still dating white guys.

Has this been a decision I've made? Fate? Serendipity? Just something that happened? I remember that when I was on Grindr I never stated that I preferred white guys. And my picture was there. The one thing though, was that I rarely contacted anybody. Only exceptionally, when someone talked about something that I really found interesting or had a salient details about himself I would take the first step. It was part of the rules I set for myself when I opened the account. So it was mostly they who chatted me up. And most of them were white. Was that why I repeatedly went out only with white guys?

You see, it was because of an …

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