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the devil you know

When grindr popped up in my radar it had already been providing booty calls to gay and bisexual men for awhile. You could say I was a late adopter, but I found the premise of an app who would allow me to chat to other men and the possibility to get to know them in the biblical sense quite interesting. So I said, 'why not?' and dove right in.

Also, at that time I was on Tumblr and a Tumblr friend dared me to start a conversation on Grindr with a guy and keep it going without having to let him fuck me. From his point of view (and experience) Grindr was full of vacuous, racist, fickle men who were not worth our time. And with time I discovered that was a fair assessment. But at that time I had no idea how Grindr worked and if you know me, you are probably rolling your eyes right now because that’s a sure way to get me to do something: a challenge. I accepted the challenge and downloaded the app. I posted a pic, filled out the data and waited.

I did get some “s’up?” And “Hey” tha…

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