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blessed be?

When I was on Tumblr, I met this guy who has two dicks. Well, I say I 'met' this guy, but you know how these things go online. You know that online you 'meet' a ton of people, but in this case the exchange was fascinating. At the beginning, I thought it was all a big joke. I reblogged one of his quotes and he slid into my DMs. And we started talking. 
And it turned out to be he was for real! Smart, witty and somehow self-deprecating. Something that would blow most people's minds up was for him a common occurrence: he has two dicks. Both fully functional and nothing to smirk at. And he's not bad looking at all and bisexual, so... a total unicorn. 
Apparently his condition is not genetic, but it IS extremely rare. I'm glad his family never considered him to be a freak and that he never actually excised one of his penises to be more 'normal'. Of course, I think that as anybody with a condition that makes them sui-generis, the fact of having two dicks …

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