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Breeder's worst nightmare

Children of Men is an awesome movie. Not only because the acting is good, but because it posits a question that most breeders do not consider a possibility: What if suddenly there are no more children?
Being that this country is mainly based on the principle of 'family' and 'family values' are touted left and right (well, more right than left) the day the rate of births goes down so will the neocons. The conservative base in this country is based mainly in numbers of brainwashed idiots. Organized religion (be it catholic, protestant or any alien-based cult) is based on numbers. Numbers that can be achieved through basic recruiting (or active door-to-door brainwashing) or by cradle brainwashing (you hear the same litany since you're born, so it becomes the only truth you know). But the latter is the most effective and most easily practiced.
Wingnuts tend to breed like rabbits, usually spawning three or four little replicas of their dumb, bigoted selves. Hence those giant SUVs, mainly to take their breed to church or any other church-sanctioned 'family' event. But the main objective is to add more sheep to the herd. It's easy and they don't have to leave their little gated ghettos in suburbia to actually do that.
But what would become of organized religion is there are not any young minds to warp and twist? What if other problems would tear them apart from their loved scrpiture where everything is explained to face the reality of the world they have denied it existed beyond their comfortably numb gated communities?
It would be interesting to see what good could religion -dogma, not spirituality- bring if there is no possibility of perpetuating it by imposition and no way of increasing the social stranglehold it creates on people by forcing them to 'belong' or be ostracized. And also to see how dogma could be perpetuated, besides preaching that the end has come and that there's no other choice but to 'repent' or die in 'sin'.
Possibly people would be too busy trying to survive to concentrate on the 'end of days' or some other selfish exercise. Organized religion would lose its main selling point, that is, packaging salvation and selling it in weekly installments -after you have sold your soul, of course- and become an empty promise. Religion is used as a social lubricant, allowing people to 'belong' and therefore warrant its own survival. Without its main source of ready-made apostles, the imposition of dogma could suffer a strong blow and organized religion would have to strive to expand its dominance and would have to use other resources (torture, blackmail?) to maintain the power wingnuts so desperately seem to need (compensation? projection? simple greed?).
So this movie tells a good story. I'm not sure it'll be well-received in those poor red states where everybody seems to think there's no need to worry about the future, because they already have a secure place in their version of heavenly suburbia, but it will hopefully make for good entertainment and food for thought for many other people in other places.




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