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...and I still like it!

Katy Perry, ex-Christian-singer, ex-blonde and ex-good girl has taken her tried and true schtick to the top of the charts. She's up there on the Billobard top 100 and making money out of a slightly-degrading faux-lesbian song where she brags about having kissed another girl. America is fucked up. Remember T.A.T.U? My point, exactly. Don't give anybody the real version of the facts, just glamorize it, cover it up in sugar and trivialize it. People in the suburbs then will eat it up without a second thought. Nothing like mindlessness.

But thanks to the internet, now we have ten hundred parodies of her song and dozens of videos that use her tame, lame lyrics to illustrate other points...

For example, boys...kissing boys. Yay!

So fuck Katy Perry. I don't need no straight chicks making money out of trivializing, commercializing and making the fact of being attracted to someone our own sex an 'experiment'. So it's just a phase and you do it out of curiosity? Fuck that. I failed to see the 'funny' part of it. I just see a money-hungry chick who has tried everything to gain notoriety and sell her lame songs to the masses and now has found her niche: faux experimenting lesbian. Great.

So I have kissed boys...


  1. bueno ya sabemos, cuando la creatividad falta, atacamos lo que si lo es... tal vez sea el deseo incociente de ser asi, de besar a otro chico?...jejeje... Sea omo sea... No hay mejor nexo de comunicación y de intercambio de intimidad sentida que a través de un buenn beso!!!... Un abrazote amigooooo

  2. ...and you've liked it?


  3. Have U kissed boys? I cant believe it! R U Crazy????
    Amiguito.... por estos dias si yo recibiera un beso... de esos de heroe de leyenda, creo que saldria un poquito del dolor humano que me encuentro....
    Gracias por visitarme aun cuando yo tarde tanto en regresar a ti... pero a veces, como hoy, me veo sin con que comprar el pan del desayuno.
    Saludos desde mi lejana y gris galaxia


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