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I'm a sucker for a gay storyline. You should know by now. So when I ran into this one channel (thanks, youtube algorithm!) I had to watch. It's made by CockyBoys, so I'm sure there's a more explicit version somewhere. Hopefully. Because this one was steamy enough to whet my appetite.

And this one installment features men who are extremely easy on the eyes and delves into more of a psychological realm than most of the online mini-series we are used to watching. It's about a psychiatrist and his patient and the avatar they use to negotiate their relationship. Well, according to me. Because I think that anybody can draw their own conclusions about this story.

It is not the most enthralling production and of course, the acting is a little stilted, but it is quite proficient in delivering a message and it explores a topic that we seldom touch in the gay community: mental health. I also give it props because it's a porn studio making a mainstream production that has its very titillating moments (there is that scene when the one guy gets manhandled and I kinda felt the tingle to mingle).

There's obviously tons of eye candy but my main focus is Colby Keller. Colby was one of my favorite porn stars. I watched his videos. I followed him on Blogger (he had a blog here) and I followed his side projects (Colby does America, modeling for Vivienne Westwood!) He checks each and every one of my boxes: hunky, tall, scruffy, smart, artistic and very, very sexy. Then he said he was voting for Donald Trump. And I was crushed.

I was crushed because even thought I perceive him to be more of a Communist/Anarchist than a Republican, his gesture (because it was a gesture) really rubbed me the wrong way. He voted for Cheeto as a 'protest' vote. To go again the establishment. Blah, Blah, Blah. You know the story. Very Susan Sarandon of him. But it was misguided. And when he made it public he lost me. Not because he was a Republican, because I don't think he is one, but because of the message he was sending. It was not the time to do a protest vote. And these two years have been clear proof of that. And he used his platform to take that stand. I have not forgiven him. To this day, this is the second series where he's appeared that I've watched. The other was Westenders, where he had a little part. And damn he looks good enough to eat. But that vote, man. It just does not let me enjoy him as much as I did.

You see, I would never let a Republican fuck me. No matter how hot the man, how nice the dick and how attractive I find him I would never even consider letting him lay a finger on me. Let alone fuck me. No matter how sexy the man. No matter how horny I may be. I would feel degraded. There is no way he'd get close to me. Especially now, when being a Republican is basically a stand-in for racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and downright corruption.

A gay Republican magnifies to me everything that's wrong with some gay men: being blindly entitled, comfortably privileged, conveniently greedy, unforgivably vacuous, pretentiously unaware, blissfully ignorant and stubbornly superficial. So no. Hard pass on that one. Nevertheless, I used this post to go look for images of Colby. Damn he's hot. But I have still not forgotten that vote. Maybe when they send Cheeto and his progeny to jail I may be able to go look again at his porn oeuvre. Meanwhile, I'll watch this series. And I will look at these photos. And I will chill. Because I suspect that Mueller has something up his sleeve. And I can't wait until he shows us.



  1. HELLo, what a wake up call this morning.

    I don't fuck rethugs, I don't even wanna speak to rethugs. they are not worth my time.

  2. That was quite an interesting little series. It’s amazing who the manipulator is. Quite a turn of events. And when you told me a couple of years ago that Colby was voting for the orange ass, I couldn’t believe it. That was worse than being a Bernie bro and sitting out the General Election in protest. Yeah, so Colby can go pound sand.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. Not only is Colby cute but Will, from big brother gets me going too. I'm a sucker for storylines too. Good thing we dont hang out together, we'd be in alot of trouble. I'll have to post my doctor encounter sometime.


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