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Now, this is something I'd love to do. You know, we never know how the other half lives until we walk in their shoes. Or in this case, in their clothes. I'd love to do a clothes swap with let's see, in this order: John,  Dave and Steven. And of course, Walter (bear with me, I have no idea how tall they are or what size they wear, but I'm doing this theoretically, you dig?).
I think Maddie and I would basically live in each other's closet if given the chance, so there's no point on doing the swap (or maybe THAT'S the point, right?), and Jimmy I'm sure does not give a shit about what clothes he wears. As for Bae,  I know what he wears so it would not be as much fun. So yeah, those are my choices.

I wonder what it would be to do what the guys in the video do and swap style with someone that's absolutely the opposite of me (again, I'm theorizing that the guys are who they are based on their online posts/photos, so there). I'm a Zara meets H&M meets punk rock kind of guy. I love accessories and I wear hats and  ties and scarves and jackets. Yep. I accessorize. I wear skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans. I wear athleisure (think Divided by H&M) when I'm not working, but I wear a tie every day for work. But I think I look more like Curly here int he video than like Gadiel. I'm not trendy but I may have what some people call a very defined style. It's like if a guy who buys stuff at Banana Republic would get dressed by Johnny Rotten. Most of my shoes are Doc Martens and if I wear slacks, they've been probably tailored as in , narrow leg and high helm (for the boots). I wear tuxedo pants with jean jackets and Chino pants with a leather bomber. Natch, I like the unexpected.

I imagine that if I change styles with any of the guys, the shock would probably be theirs? Like, what would it be to see them in a shirt and tie and skinny jeans with Doc Martens? Or high cut linen pants with creepers and a leather jacket? I think they'd look hot (as in do-me-daddy-hot). They'd probably feel totally uncomfortable and would think that I could tell their religion by the way they wear my pants. And they'd probably be right. I'm cackling right now just thinking about it. Love me a man over thirty in well—fitted jeans.

But we are born naked and the rest is drag (says RuPaul) and I agree. We are so used to the persona we think we are that when something kicks us out of of comfort zone we freak out. I can see myself trying to add a bandana here and lowering the rise of the jeans there if I were to wear any of the guy's clothes. We tend to accommodate clothes to who we think we are. We have an image in our heads and it's hard to let go of it. So what say you, guys? Wanna give it a twirl?



  1. Yes you do accessorize...I know what you wear on your wrist and it’s not just a watch 馃槈. You do have a bit of a flair in your style a la Curly in the video. And you look good, very good. I, on the other hand, just put on clothes. It’s probably been two years since I’ve bought new clothes (excluding underwear and socks). I wear what I feel comfortable in and it’s usually from Costco, Meijer or Kohl’s. A clothes horse I am not. Like Gadile, I’d be very uncomfortable in a flashier style, but you on the other hand can rock it. And that’s one of the things I like about you.

    XOXO 馃懆‍❤️‍馃拫‍馃懆

  2. I'm flattered, but I'd hate to disappoint you. As a man of a certain age, I've cut my wardrobe down to four colors, practical pants and shirts, and two brands of shoes. My nephews deplore my lack of style and how plain I dress. Let's just that if I ran into Tim Gunn he'd throw up, call the fashion police, and faint. Now, if we're talking cosplay drag I go for Edwardian meets Regency with a touch of fantasy...tall boots, long coats, tight breeches...you get the drift. But if you're thinking underwear and shoes, now you got my full attention.

  3. Well it's clear to me that me dress very differently because I have no clue what you are talking about. My "style" is "pants" I find those good to wear, keeps me from getting arrested, also shirts are also good, prevents me from getting cold, plus add those to socks and shoes and I'm allowed into restaurants. It sounds like too much effort to dress like you. I like to be comfortable in my clothes but not sloppy. I also like a good price, I'm really upset at the loss of Sears here in Canada. My gay genes do not allow me to buy clothes at Wal-Mart, doesn't happen.

  4. LMFAO!!!! I wear a uniform. White GAP slub and GAP shorts of various colors (whichever is on sale). I did however, pull out some suede Harry of London shoes for a meeting I had last week paired with GAP jeans. Being on the radical side, I prefer to shop at gay owned stores or stores that the HRC gives 100% gay friendly rating (which I believe H&M is one), or used clothing stores that support people living with HIV, ie 'Out Of The Closet', Poverello here in SOFLO. You are correct with me, function over fashion.

    A wonderful post entry! haha

  5. Well dear, what wardrobe of mine your you talking...mine or maddies!!!!! We do have simlair style I think. I love my skinnys and accessorizing. And my designers are like yours h&m, Zara, hugo boss, banana republic, penguin, theory john varvatos...and I have thrift funds. I'm all over the board. And I have a love of underwear and jocks. Even though I do go commando too.

  6. I believe you, myself and Maddie would all be interchangeable. I'm somewhere in between the two of you. And I agree with you. NOTHING SEXIER than a man over thirty in well—fitted jeans. I know Maddie does, as I suspect you do as well. And if you got flaunt it I say.

  7. I usually wear it till it falls off, or the holes get too big.... some of the holes are really big.

  8. I have a rather eclectic closet, from high end to thrift store because if I like it, I get it.

  9. hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wear t-shirts and casual pants to work. no undies EVER. and clogs. I'mma go for the comfortable, not the stylish. ain't out to impress anyone.

  10. @bae: I Know! I think you’re more practical than I’ll ever be.
    @Walter: LoL Well, Tim Gunn is THE sartorialist, no? And I’d be curious to see what you call plain. I also wear some basic colors. Yes to shoes!馃槑
    @steve: Lmaoooo you’re too funny! And I’ve been to Sears. They have cool stuff. And it’s really easy once you have separates. You just mix and match. Walmart is verboten! 馃
    @Jimmy: ha! That’s a stylish uniform! And I do check HRC for their index,I put my money where my mouth is.
    @Maddie: omg I’d play dress up in your closet for HOURS. Both yours and Maddie’s 馃槑. And I have some jockstraps. Some functional and some fashion, they come handy sometimes. I have to try commando but I feel too self conscious 馃ぃ
    @caliBoi: yes! Men in fitted jeans are yummy! And I can see how you’d be in the continuum 馃憤馃徑
    @Dave: I can SO see that. When are they TOO big, tho? 馃槆
    @bob: thrifting is awesome! I’ve gotten some very cool Button fly Levi’s in thrift shops 馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑
    @annemarie: T-shirt and jeans are my weekend uniform. Clogs are the shit, right? I like the chunky, wooden sole ones. And no undies? Guuurrrlll... 馃槃馃槃馃憤馃徑


  11. no underwear since 1977, gurllllll!


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