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Oh, hi you. You, yes, YOU. You are fuckable. You deserve to have good sex and enjoy your body. No matter your age. No matter your body shape. No matter your ethnicity. No matter the color of your skin. No matter how the InstaStuds look and what you see in porn, you are deserving of a good fuck.

The story of this man Davey is talking about is one that some of us find shocking but not uncommon. Religion has caused more damage than cigarettes, that's for sure. The never-ending fuckery that is religulous people and their tiresome stubbornness in whatever concerns what their sky daddy wants them to do never ceases to amaze me. Religion has destroyed libidos and lives in equal measure, especially among those who dare to say they like dick while having one.

The idea of somebody suppressing ALL desire in the name of a useless deity for more than seventy years is astounding. Well, it's astounding that they have done all that and then become aware at eighty that their life has been absolutely empty and realize the god they had dedicated their life to makes no sense. That makes me wanna scream. And cry. In that order. Really. A life well lived should at least include making the mistake of fucking some of the wrong guys. Or fucking the right ones for all the wrong reasons. And then realizing it. And moving on.

This man is eighty and for at least seventy six of those eighty years he has KNOWN that he is a homosexual. And has done nothing to fulfill that need because of some misguided sense of duty. We are deserving of love and affection and we should not let the gay gestapo or some bronze age religion tell us that we are not fuckable.

So go out and fuck somebody. Or stay in and order an escort for delivery. And remember, you are fuckable.



  1. When I heard this podcast I was profoundly saddened. I could have been that guy. I was very involved in church. I was very involved in home life. But in my early 40s I found a site called gay.com which now points to the LA LGBT center. It was a message board/chat site and I found my first gay experience there. Then came Grindr and, well you know the rest 😍. Yes religion can fuck people up big time. But there is hope. More young people are forgoing organized religion. You don’t need religion to be a good, moral person. Just look at all the religious nuts out there and what they do in the name of their creator. It’s maddening.

    So in short, follow your heart and desires. Because you ARE fuckable.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. FUCK RELIGION! ex-catholic here; by the time I was 12-13 I was realizing that the bullshit I was taught in catholic school was just that: BULLSHIT!

    yes, I AM fuckable. and I deserve to be fucked. and if another human is not willing to participate, there is always self-love and porn.

  3. So sad that you hide away and,really,deny who you are, because of religion.
    The self-loathing needs to stop.

  4. Catholics have such issues! But does "fuckable" equate to sex or intimacy?

  5. As much as I love my blog family, this is my must read blog, since the first post I read I felt that way. This is me, this post is about me. I loved the post and the video, thoughtful and beautiful. At least I didn't wait until I was 80. It's been two years since I've had sex, isn't that strange, I want to be having sex but I'm not.

  6. Organized religion is damn good at brainwashing human beings into believing they are born evil. The whole thing is nothing more than a power play. Control is the word, that's why the cherry pick so many different parts of the Bible.

  7. Now your preaching to the choir. Between sex, webcaming and being a bator, I have no lack of sex in some form. I like sex. And lots of it.

  8. @bae: I know. Thankfully you did shake that shroud. I think you’re much better off 😉
    @annemarie: and. THAT’S the spirit!
    @bob: what I have discovered is that self loathing is inherent to dogma. It needs it to exist.
    @jimmy: fuckable means that we are deserving of being sexual, of pleasure and enjoyment.
    @steven: aww you’re too sweet. I’m glad that you find something in the posts. And I think when the right man comes along, you’ll do him.
    @dave: it’s a scourge. The opium of the masses, no?
    @maddie: haha of course I am! And of course you do 😎



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