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Go, shorty! We're gonna party....

I had my birthday on the 21nd and I had a blast. I really don't understand why people do NOT like their birthdays. I think it's a celebration of ourselves. I even usually go out and give MYSELF what I WANT. I gave myself some clothes -basically almost vandalized the store- and treated myself to chocolate. I think that nobody is going to celebrate our lives like ourselves. It's kind of a no-brainer but we are so centered on vicariously living through other people that sometimes we forget to pamper the most important person on earth: ourselves.

Well, about the whole birthday thing, it was very cool. I had two classes and everybody knew (I'm on Facebook, and that darn thing tells everybody when you have your birthday, which is cool and at the same time scary) We had cake in one of the classes (one of those ice cream cakes, very yummy) and in the other it was just the banter of the 'don't get drunk' and stuff. It was Tuesday, after all. Forgot my camera so I didn't take pics. Sorry. Some other time.

At work, it was actually very cool. The secretary gave me chocolates and the TAs gave me cards and a Juanes t-shirt (they went to his concert in Cleveland a day I was giving a workshop on Power Point!) and I'm wearing it tomorrow. It's really hot. And yesterday -one day after the actual date- I had yet more cake (chocolate) during one of my graduate classes. It was for one of the TAs and for me, and it was really cute. They even sang us a happy-birthday song. In Spanish. Cute!

In the afternoon of my birthday, Rob took me to a very, very cool -and posh!- Japanese restaurant and I had WONDERFUL sushi (love seafood) and drank a tiny little bit of sake (not good for alcohol). Then we came home and he gave me his gift (a hot key with a zillion megabytes and computer stuff) and we had some more cake -chocolate- and we watched Jarhead (oh, Jake, Jake!). Rob is actually acting pretty cool lately. I think that getting the job has something to do with it. But I'll put my claws back in and decide that it is that he is actually re-thinking his attitude and things have changed. One can only dream, no?

And you actually said the words 'happy birthday'. Pretty convincingly, too. It was kind of a surprise. Never pegged you for someone who actually remembers those things. It was nice. It kind of reminded me why I find you so intriguing. And I like the hair, babyboy. It suits your personality.

And that was about it. But today I had two more gifts, like seven emails (I had about twenty-two yesterday) and another birthday card. It was a pretty good birthday. I always enjoy my birthdays. I know there's people who really don't like celebrating them but I'm a birthday whore. Maybe when I'm fifty I won't like it, but right now, it's cool. People in the forums (I'm addicted to Shakira forums) were totally sweet and I felt really good. And the emails, and the whole Facebook thing. That surprised me. I never knew I knew so many people. I guess I'm fortunate and I have to be thankful because I'm surrounded by nice people who are not afraid to say that they love me or care about me. It was really cool! So, until next year.



  1. Anonymous3/23/2006

    I'm still afraid to say I love you. I still afraid to show someone I'm interested. And it's not just that I don't REMEMBER birthdays, even though that's some of it, I also don't like organized holidays. Everyone should celebrate EVERY day. But if it wasn't for you, I may have never kept up with this blog. I've been going strong for 7 months. So you, at least, deserved a Happy Birthday. Maybe if we were still something more than friends you would have gotten something else from me. Maybe one of much sought after orgasms?


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