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A Survey with Intellegence
Place of Birth::Near the sea.
Sign::Iron tiger with the moon somewhere
Profession::Professional student
Height::I have no idea. One meter seventy?
Hair/Eye Color::black and brown
Allergies::Recently developed one to pollen, I guess. Never had it before
Education::A lot. All useless
Blood type::B positive. I don't remember. All I know it's not O
Color you like wearing::Black.
Lucky number::Don't know. Never buy lottery or play any kind of game
Taste::Not always. Have made really bad choices in men
Sport::I like men sweating in tight uniforms. Does that count?
Food::Most anything ethnic and NOT hot
Dessert::Anything chocolate
Game::Got no game. Sorry
Book::Any as long as it's entertaining
Magazine::Gay rags
Music::Anything with a beat
Movie::Anything with Keanu Reeves or Jake Gyllenhaal
TV Show::Don't watch TV
Time of Day::Early in the morning, please.
Motto::I can resist everything but temptation
Worst Lie::Me, too.
A lie you tell yourself::That I'm hot
Something you have stolen::Pens. In pretty colors
Something you are addicted to::Hershey's Kisses. And the real kind, too
Have you cheated?::Yes
Hurt someone purposefully::Not really
You apologize first::Not as often as I should
Your Opinon On:
Death is::A state
Life on other planets::Probably ues
Evolution::Of course.
Abortion::Their bodies, themselves.
Own Guns?::Nope. Hate them
Welfare System::Sure, why not? After all, they crooks in governemnt spend $50000 in taxis
Death Penalty::An eye for an eye
Rights for illegal immigrants::This is a country of illiegal immigrants passing for owners of the land
Homosexuality::Yes, please.
Premarital sex::As often as possible
Environment::Going to hell because of the Theocons
Poverty::Too much
Racism::Too much. Too often. Too scary
Military::Hmm.. Major Hardon
Yes or No
Keep a diary::Used to. Now it's a blog
Like to cook::Not really. And only for myself.
Exercise regularly::Not as much as I should at this age
Read books regularly::Religiously
Do crossword puzzles::Not very often
Have an unshared secret::Several.
Fill up gas at the last minute::Never. It freaks me out
Snore::Sometimes. It depends on the pillow.
Read in the Bathroom::Most everywhere.
Like America::Sometimes, in some ways
Remember jokes::Not very often. Not a joke teller.
Play cards::No. I think they're dumb
Fold your underwear::Yes. And sometimes I sort it by color.
Talk in your sleep::I think I do. I hope it's in Spanish.
Eat fast::Not really.
Avoid paying full price::As often as I can.
Shave regularly::Every day. Like waxing better, though
Always late::Nope. Too compulsive for that.
Smoke::No. Thank you.
Whistle::I just put my lips together and blow.
Believe in destiny::Who doesn't?
Bite your fingernails::Not really. Bite my fingers, that's worse.
Pick your nose::Secretely
Vegetarian:Not enough self-control
Sex in an airplane::Yes, please
Hit your parents::Nope.
Save letters::Yes. And cards. And some emails.
Hate parties::Love them.
Fired a gun::Yes. With a gun crazy slezeball who I dated
Have the last word::As often as possible
Less in more::Not always.
Give money to homeless::Nope. Have given them food, though.
Know who you are::Hell yes. At this point? Please!
Enjoy being photographed::Not really. I try to grin and bear it, though
Life treats you well::Yes. I just complain out of bitchiness
Sunrise or Sunset::Sunrise
Sweet or Sour::I've got a fucking sweet tooth that just does not quit
Old or New::New.
Hot or Cold::Hot, I guess. I'm tropical, baby.
Coke or Pepsi::Coke. Always. Pepsi is stupid and a choice of the new generation. Too old for that.
Soft or Hard::Hard, baby. Hard.
Yesterday or Tomorrow::Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow.
Red or Blue::Red Bull. Blue states.
Fast or Slow::Slow, baby slow.
Blind or Deaf::Neither. I'd just die.
Bath or Shower::Shower with someone. Bath alone
Black or White::Black.
Dogs or Cats::Neither. Don't like pets.
Victim or Criminal::Cause I feel like I criminal....
Day or Night::Day and night
Sun or Rain::I wanna make love in a rainstorm...
New York or Paris::New York, baby!
Silver or Gold::Silver. Gold is so very cheap!
Biggest fear::Pain
Makes you cry::Anger
Something always on your mind::Sex
Most romantic experience::Being romanced by the gruffest man ever. Twice
Kiss in the rain?::Yes, please. Repeat.
Most comfortable doing::Something I know.
Be famous for::Big mouth
Best adventure::leaving it all behind
Regrets::Only what I never did
Moment frozen in time::Nando telling me he loved me.
Embarrassing things you do::I bite my fingers. Until I bleed.
Animal that describes you::A metal tiger?
Your proudest moment::When I earned my first salary.
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