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United Colors: 45% Latino 35% Asian 30% Black 20% White.

What are you made of?


[ ] You play hockey as a sport
[ ] You get all your clothes at American Eagle and Old Navy
[ ] You always have money
[ x] You listen to rock
[ ] You cant jump
[ ] You`re scared of saying the n***** word
[ x] You wear tight pants
[x ] You love school
[ x] You own a pair of DC's/Etnies/Vans
[ ] You like to watch Laguna beach


[ ] You like to drink Kool-Aid
[x] You love chicken
[ ] You like to play basketball or football
[ ] You go to AJ Wright or Marshalls to get your clothes
[x ] You like to wear hats
[ ] You hate school
[x] You wear baggy pants
[x] You like to listen to Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B
[x] You're always broke
[x] You say b**** after 85% of your words


[] Math is your best subject
[x ] You love technology and cant live w/o it
[x] You eat Chinese food
[x ] You are short
[x ] You own a calculator (excluding your parents or family)
[ x] You like to wear sandals
[ x] You have a nice car(s)
[x] You dont like to play sports
[ ] You like karaoke


[ ] Baseball is your sport
[ ] You always steal things
[ x] You like sneaking into places
[x ] You love beans
[ x]You love rice
[ ] You also love Hot sauce
[x ] You always take your time
[ x] You love soda
[ x] You like to watch Telemundo
[ ] You never like to wear pants
[ ] You instigate in fights
[x ] You understand this: "Mira muchacho el diablo!"
[x ]u Like Batchata Merengue y Reggaeton
[ x] if u think latinos are da best.....

Now count up the x's in the group and times it by 5

I'm 45% Latino 35% Asian 30% Black 20% White. Doesn't it sound like fun?




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