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Romeo + Julio

A rose by any other name...
Well, you get the hint. I just watched Baz Luhrmann's version of the Bard's love story. It broke my heart, as every time I see it/read it/ re-invent it. This movie was one of the first that talked to me at many levels. The tragic story was well known, but the music, the colors, the use of that rapid-fire cinematography would only make sense two years later, when I came to the US and tried Mountain Dew for the first time.

At that time, I was in love with someone I was not suppossed to love. The man that I think may have been the love of my life. Younger than me, full of sensuality, life and total love. He had his first apartment with me. I was his secret. I was so profoundly in love that it hurt to keep facing the life I had at the moment. But I did. And he did, too.

We saw this movie together, and together with The Fifth Element, they would become the backdrop to our love story. A story that ended when I came to the US and he stayed there. It was too fragile, too good, too romantic to be true. It could withstand me belonging to another man but it could not withstand the promise of living together three hundred thousand miles away from where it all started. When he came to the States, we were cordial enemies. Then we were friends, after awhile.

But I still remember the touch of his hands, him waiting for me to cum to allow himself to come. Him telling me that he felt he could walk on air when I told him I loved him. The look in his eyes when I told him I had accepted a post that would forever change our lives. The time I left the lyrics of this song in his locker and he, blind of rage and pain, could not read me or it.

He's now married to another guy. So am I. But watching this movie brings it all back. And I feel happy. Because what is happiness but a string of moments that always make us smile?

It was good talking to you today, babyboy. I feel teenile sometimes when I talk to you, but it does bring back some good moments. And that is happiness.



  1. Anonymous6/13/2006

    Sounds sweet. Sounds like love is supposed to be-- intense and heartbreaking.


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