Why I'd do Mark.

Mark is kind like the antithesis of many a gay man's dream guy. He's not buff, he's not in his twenties, he's not drop-dead gorgeous, he wouldn't be called to the Aberzombie and Bitch headquarters to be their next half-naked-fantasy-boy-next-door model, he smiles a lot, he seems down-to-earth and does not seem pretentious.

And I still think it would be fantastic to date/do him. Just because of all the things I have enumerated above. And more. I think I have to rebel against the pre-packaged idea of a man that seems to be pushed down our throats at every second. Just open your fav Aberzombie catalog, gay rag or a gay internet portal and the deluge of post-teen, buffed-to-death and uber-fashionably clad beauties snare at you from each page. Oh, that when it's not the pseudo-rock-star-barista-waiter-struggling-actor character in eighties Converse high-tops and Hot Topic jacket biting his lower lip and looking at the camera with conceit.

Kind of old. I know, I'm jaded, old, blah, blah, blah. It's just that ist's so blatantly self-hating that it's not even funny. We're under the same pressure women are, with some variants: instead of a 23 inch waist, we need a six-pack, instead of big boobs, we need protruding chests and wide shoulders. We are also slaves to the latest trend (the Polos with their collars up, the flip-flops with distressed jeans, the hoodie... the list seems never ending). Oh, and after twenty-five, you're OLD. Fuck it.

Icing on the cake? you have to LOOK straight and ACT straight (which are per se delusional, if you are acting, THAT is NOT you, but I digress) so the self-deprecating guy going after you can fantasize that he's getting daddy's attention at last. Sick, sick, sick. I can't find pleasure in the idea of blowing a guy who is watching straight porn or looking through Maxim while I suck his dick. Someone who cannot and will not reciprocate and that may be even dangerous once he blows his load. No, thank you. I want my man gay as a goose. Someone who also likes dick and definitely derives pleasure from fucking me.

I'll take Mark. His smile is open. His eyes look straight at you. His body does not have any outstanding feature that screams GYM! at you, and I could wear his clothes (this guy can totally wear a CBGB t-shirt without looking pretentious!). And I bet he would wait for you to come first to then come himself while he kisses you.

Now, that's hot.




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