I learned that more than half a million kids reacted to Facebook creating 'feeds' and allowing people to visualize what their friends were up to.
Mark's (Facebook's creator) response: CHILL!
Isn't it ironic? This generation gets activist en masse to protest a social networking tool but cannot get off their bum behinds to vote. Pathetic.
This generation seems to take things seriously only when the most inane and vapid of their everyday activities are actually collected in a log and they seem to feel threatened. Terror level: ELEVATED!
And all because they thought their 'privacy' was compromised. The poor things are not able to realize that Firefox had created a 'stalker' for Facebook way before Mark & Co. would come up with the feeds. And that many people (just like in MySpace, where everybody is kind of on the verge of being 'acquainted' with everybody else), the only thing you have to do is click on your friend's friends and stalk away.
Not to mention that most people spill their guts there (books, movies, preferences, friends, etc) and still think it's 'private'. Don't they know that anything that they post could be seen by somone they don't know? But as long as they don't SEE it with their own eyes (the Feeds) it's not happening. Right? Something like See no Evil, Hear no Evil. Sadly, it's the same attitude the country takes towards other issues (War? Nooooo.... Gay marriage? gasp!! Electronic surveillance? Nooooo...... Abortion? gasp!). Something about not seeing the forest...
I'm actually considering moving to Canada. They have Alanis, after all. Come to think of it they also have Avril. Damn!

Cheers, babyboy




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