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Boys, men and dirty little secrets...

Boy, oh, boy. Nothing like Americans to make a big bruhaha out of most anything that has nothing to do with what actually should concern them. Oh, and it's made to appear political, too. Just for the sake of blindsiding everybody on what really matters. Only if you've been living under a rock (working does not count as an excuse, babyboy) you would have read/heard of the whole older-man-younger-man (boy, I'd say, he was allegedly 16 at the time of the messaging-emailing and alleged massaging) story making the rounds in Capitol Hill, newspapers, and every other blog. The -closeted, duh!- guy in power invites boys over to 'have fun' and later sends them emails and IMs telling them they're hot. Whole thing gets discovered and shit hits the fan.

Oh, wait. Does this sound familiar? The geezer and the chicken? I know. I should not comment. Or should I? In a country where there's erotization, fetishization and commecialization of youthful looks (Aberzombie and Bitch, anyone?)running rampant, when an older male is fixated on somebody underage the devil cuts loose. And if the object of such older male affection is another male (don't forget that the key words here are UNDERage and MALE) then the wingnuts have a holiday. The distinct difference between gay and pedophile gets smashed to pieces and the whole gay male=predator thing starts once again.

Forget that the country lives in a perennial state of denial concerning their young (even though the whole A&F thing is specifically made to get a raise out of you, literally) and that only a small percentage of older men -that in the gay community starts at about twenty-five- feel and act on their attraction to younger males, this whole thing is bound to get out of hand in the next days/weeks/months (America has a distinctive ADD affliction concerning REAL problems, but a fixation bordering on dysfunctional on anything lurid and/or morbid)with all the religious nuts adding their little bit of hatred to the mix. Because organized religion is a hotbed of sexual frustration, that should not come as a surprise, either.

Oh, I don't excuse the Republican closet case because he really abused his power when he romanced the chicken. He should have not done it. Under any circumstances. But the closet makes you shortsighted. I'm sure he never saw it coming (but probably saw the boys coming, mind you) because his bosses and everybody around him either looked the other way or excused it. After all, the Republicans feel they're actually in power in many government branches in this country right now. And this -older- guy probably felt invincible after having behaved like this for YEARS with other -younger- guys. Oh, yeah, apparenlty the whole boy-gets-there-boy-gets-romanced had been going on for awhile. With impunity.

And now the guy has checked himself into rehab (a la Mel Gibson or any other wingnut caught with his pants down or his hands on pills) and quitted his very lucrative job in Congress. But only because he keeps all his privileges if he resigns (and we're talking about a lot of cold hard cash, dear). Following this step, the whole christian-wingnut nation just fumes about 'the gays' corrupting the (oversexed and ever fetishized) male youth of the contry. All the while while imagining in their little dirty heads what may or may have not been going on between the older gentleman and his young pages. Totally sick. But that's the way represion goes: oppress others while getting a secret and huge kick out of the behaviour you're condemning.

Oh, well. Cannot totally blame the Republican closet case, either. Younger males do have their ways to get under your skin. And for a closeted gay Republican -no surprise there, huh?- that should be more than irresistible. Don't you think? Not even liberals can help but give in at least once to the lure of taut, untarnished flesh. Bad Karma and the possibility of fire and brimstone be damned.

Cheers, babyboy.




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