Making OUT!

Hmm... nothing like making out.... I think a man could have me any way he'd want just by being a good kisser. It would be all in the way he moves his mouth over mine, the way he breathes, what he does with his hands...
But most of all, the WAY he kisses. Kisses that are hungry, that tell you that he wants you, that speak of exciting sex. Like a wicked sense of humor and dancing, kissing tells you how good sex with a man would be.
And that's why I'm a sucker for making out.
Oh, and I'm LOVIN' rocker-type men with long hair and intense foreign men with dark skin. Go figure...


  1. Kissing...nothing like kissing another man. I could just hold you in my arms and kiss you for hours on end. Though it usually leads to making love to you now, I remember those early days when we would sit in my car in the parking lot of the closed Lowe's store, off to the side where the lights weren't turned on and make out. I really enjoyed those times. Caressing you, feeling you, experiencing you. Sometimes we'd get in the back seat and you'd give me one of your awesome blow jobs.

    I still love to kiss you, caress your face and body. Just being in your arms does it for me, Sugar.

    Oh, and I was looking at one of your later posts (remember, I'm going backwards in time) and you were talking about (from which I'm sure the picture for this post comes). I came across one of the pictures I used when we were using 8-tracks those many years ago. And one of them was some unused cover art for a record

    Here's the video...I like it:
    Matt Fishel - "The First Time" (Official Music Video)


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