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Is it me or the whole thing about straight guys exploring whatever they want is the coolest thing ever? Tommy Lee kissing the guy from the Rock Star program? Hot. Straight actors doing movies in which they kiss other guys? Hot. Doctor Troy and Doctor McNamara getting it on in gay dream sequence? Hot. Straight actors defending gay -closeted- ones? Hot.

And now via Towleroad I got this little jewel of a video. The song is kind of generic thumba-thumba dance stuff but it's totally catchy. And the vid... well, you know my weakness for men -who think they cannot dance- dancing, so this is a good example. The robotic, spastic movements of the DJ -because I'm assuming this deliciuos dude is the DJ who spun the song- are totally cute. Cuter still that while many of the clones die under the uber-hot nurses' ministrations some actually fall for some hunky doctor/nurse or better still, a mirror image of himself.

Nothing like a good dose of homo-erotic narcissism first thing in the morning.

Cheers, babyboy.




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