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Isn't it funny how we're always asking for more? More, more, more. And when we get a little bit more, it's not enough. Is that human nature? Just plain greed? Probably a little bit of both.
You see, I'm having a 'good' year. Work is good (plenty, but good) so money is not too much of a problem anymore; things are ok with him (got better after getting the new job) and overall things are smooth. One or two little bumps here and there, but oh, well. Still, the sense of emptyness is there. That 'lacking'. I am moderately happy, so why the itch?
Not the Seven-Year one, that's for sure. I guess the void has been there from the beginning and it's only filled a little bit, with the scraps and improvements that have been part of the 'growing up' process. But still nothing too satisfactory, nothing that completely satisfies me. Mr. Bovary.
Maybe I should just resign myself that I can't get no satisfaction (as Mick says) and stop asking myself what I'll do for satisfaction (as Janet does). Maybe I should just distract myself with this little bit of fantasy that makes up for what's missing. Why want to have it all? I've been doing ok with this 'supplement'. The ones and zeroes of Neo's world. My own private Zion.
Cheers, babyboy.




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