Johnny part deux

First he was goofing around and now he's come out with a real music video. This man is sex on legs. The voice is just nothing to scream about, the music is sexy, but not outstanding and he cannot do the complicated hyper-choreagraphed routines that Justin has accostumed people to seeing when a white boy attempts dancing.
But still this guy has more sex in a sqare inch of his stubble than JT in his whole Soloflexed body. I'd do Johnny -porn star and all- in a heartbeat. I would really think before doing Justin. His first words the morning after would most probably be 'dude, was I drunk last night...' So Johnny wins any day. JT's sex appeal is carefully planned. Johnny's is just... there.

Johnny delivers because he's having fun. He's a porn star and has probably made it in that industry because he enjoys what he does (that fucking in front of a camera should not be all fun and games, I imagine). Now he's out with a song and he seems to still be having fun. And we have fun along with him.





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