OMG I feel vindicated

As I told you -when you used to read this- I blog as therapy. But I've received some comments from people about this and it's cool! You see, in this fucking wide space in cyber-heaven you never know who's looking at cha, kid. And it's at the same time flattering and unsettling to see that someone is actually reading these thoughts and actually looking inside my head.
Funny, how weirdly liberating it is, too. Now I understand what all my fav bloggers feel when people comment on their thoughts and posts. The internet is a blessing and a curse, of course. A curse because instead of telling these thoughts to my significant other, I spill the beans here, where noone can hear me scream but a blessing because these thoughts come out and make me feel lighter, more centered, real.
I read many kinds of blogs, political blogs, fluffy gossipy blogs, porny blogs and most everything in between. And I enjoy all of them. They each cater to a part of me, I guess and make me think and look at things differently.
I just came from OMGblog, one that combines comments on society, fluffy stuff and lots of eye candy.
Oh, men. I just dreamt last night about my ex. His taut, brown skin, his teeth, his cock, his legs. God I woke up hard. I have to call him. I've written here how I think that if I wouldn't have left him to come live here we'd still be together and how I think he was the love of my life. I guess part of that is stil in my mind and I still think of him as the perfect lover (when you basically 'teach' someone most everything they know about sex, it's bound to be really good for you and obviously for every man after you) and that is something that lacks in my life right now.
But I digress. In OMGblog I found a pic of a man whose beauty reminded me of his. And here he is. The body is quite not the same or the face, for that matter. It's the way this guy looks, that promise of hot, leisurely, sweaty and totally satisfactory sex that makes me look at his picture again and again.
I think I'll call N. this weekend. Just to say hi. And to tell him I dreamt of him. I know he doesn't mind.




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