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The Faun

I sometimes don't understand the idiocy of some people. They are so obtuse that it does not make sense to me. I went on Yahoo! looking for a movie in my neck of the woods. It's kind of a red state, so there's some films that just don't make it here and I have to drive somewhere to see it. And sometimes I find them in the most unsuspected places. I found Pan's Labyrinth showing in a little dot of a town south of where I live. I got my car keys and my man and drove there. I braved the cold and ventured into this little town that's the whitest place I've been this year (I was the only person of color in probably a twenty-mile radius so go figure) just to see Del Toro's awesome take on Fascism and a companion to The Devil's Backbone, other movie steeped in Franco's
influence on Spain.
I had read the reader comments on Yahoo! and was appalled at the ignorance of some people. They seemed to have no idea of what they were talking about. People seem to be blissfully unaware of what a movie is. And how to interpret it. They were criticizing the 'violence' in the movie and bitching about it not being more -god forbid- "Narnia" -as if that pile of crap would amount to anything artistically. But I digress. They had no idea of how to situate the movie historically or what the faun meant in the story or why fantasy was not whitewashed and sterilized for the sake of their little unaware minds. Oh, and it was in a foreign language -the outrage!- and they had to read subtitles. They felt like there had payed and had not been entertained, forgetting that we go to the movies to be entertained but also to avoid the early onset of Alzheimer's by actually thinking while and after we have seen a piece of cinema. These people like the equivalent of fast food in their movies, so their bloated minds don't have to be exercised in any way shape or form. And that is beyond me.
Have some gas and ten bucks? Go see it. For a public jaded by the detached goriness of Saw (I, II, III, etc..) and used to color-by-numbers movies this one is a true gem that will give you food for thought. Think Alice in Wonderland on acid. No safe Disney reading here, thank goodness.




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