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Sleepless, not in Seattle

Oh, well. Insomnia again. My biorhythm is fucked up beyond redemption, I guess. I really hate it when I'm up at two in the morning and then cannot go back to sleep until five. It fucks up my day. Totally. Not to mention that I think it'll give me wrinkles or some sort of shit. But oh, well. I'll just keep roaming the web. Found (yet another) blog full of pics of beautiful men -noticed the naked man adorning the post? Thought so- and roamed it for awhile. Funny, how easily your libido takes over. Yummy, that guy. I guess I'm attracted to the man-next-door kind of guy rather to the muscle god so many other men seem to prefer. This one looked just right in all the right places -I sometimes wonder what being so beautiful would feel like. And to have your likeness splattered all over the internet and know that men jerk off looking at your naked body. It should be a thrill. But then, the grass is always greener on the other side, ain't it? I guess one becomes either the biggest asshole or the most deranged and insecure human being to ever show his ass to the world. But it'd be a really beautiful ass in a beautiful body. And for some, that is good enough.
Oh, also discovered a quirky and prolific blogger (three blogs!) with the most deranged sense of humor and acute pop sensibility I've come across in awhile (added him to my sidebar, just for the sake of it). Very good combination of eye candy and brains. Now, that would make for a hot boyfriend. I was even tempted to ask him as a 'friend' in myspace. But refrained. Maybe later. Interesting, how some friendships flourish online. Better some than those you make in the flesh.
Oh, well. I'll just go back to watching LOGO (that has become a staple on my television) now and I'll try to numb myself looking at kooky videos by gay artists and their sui generis straight counterparts in NowNextNew. If that does not work, I'll go back to my book. Because I just don't feel like grading -that I must do sooner or later- now. And a boy needs to get his beauty -or average- sleep. Don't you think?
Sweet dreams.




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