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I did not write the following post, but I surely feel I should be able to do it. When it comes to the idiocy and stubborn narrowmindedness of christianity, I get flustered because there are so many wrong things with it (and with any other of those 'book' religions) that I lose my train of thought or get annoyed by their constant quoting of their 'books'.
But hey, there's always hope. I found this post at a friend's site (I'm not sure he wrote it, but if he did, I'd give him head any day) and decided to post it here, too.
So, as if it were me saying it:

You say that we have no respect for religion and no respect for other people’s beliefs. Persecuted? Ridiculous. You’re allowed to worship in your over abundance of churches that could easily be replaced with homeless shelters, museums, schools, and other things of actual importance to the progression of human civilization. We atheists and pagans are pushing our beliefs onto you? Hardly. When was the last time you received an atheist tract or had a pagan “witness” to you?

Ok, so let’s start off with our demands. We demand you look at evidence and think for yourself about so called “religious” doctrine. We demand to not have your artifacts, tracts, holy books, or beliefs pushed in our face or into the government.

Here’s what you demand we Believe:

1. You demand we believe in your SPECIFIC savior - your EXACT god.

2. You demand we believe that if we don’t, the creator of the universe will send us to burn in some “hell” forever, where we will endure suffering for all eternity even though He loves us.

3. You demand we blindly follow this “holy” book exactly, and believe that it’s all exactly PERFECT without any flaws or contradictions. Interestingly, many christians recognize such flaws and conradictions and choose to believe them anyway.

4. You expect us to believe in that book, even though it’s filled with the most grotesque values, violence, hatred, intolerance and malevolence. You expect us to overlook all the verses or reinterpret them until they match your doctrine.

5. You demand we find homosexuality, bisexuality, polysexuality and basically all forms of sexuality evil if they don’t adhere to your Dark Ages reasoning.

6. You demand that we have to attend these money grubbing, mind washing, time wasting buildings known as “churches” all the time when could be doing productive things with our lives, like actually LEARNING SOMETHING!

7. You demand we give away 10+% of our hard earned income to churches.

8. You demand that the heads of these churches be held in some kind of higher esteem and that they possess superior morals. This idea is common among religious cults.

9. You demand we believe in the concept of sin, a list of activities that cause no harm whatsoever and are COMPLETELY natural for human beings.

10. You demand we believe that everyone was born in sin even as a baby, because of the actions of 2 people several thousands years ago! By the way, there is no evidence that either of these two people ever existed.

11. You demand we “accept Jesus as our personal savior” in order to attain some kind of redemption, even though there is no compelling evidence to support the idea that such a man ever existed.

12. You demand we believe in talking snakes, virgin births, a worldwide flood, and other things too silly even to be mentioned here.



How many people have suffered because of your horrible religion? How many have died over the ages?

How dare you actively work to impose your beliefs on us and insist that you preach love and peace? How dare you push your tracts in our face? How dare you do all this because you claim it’s the truth even though you can’t support it with any kind of thoughtful analysis?

Well, we religionless people have had it with you. Be prepared to be confronted over your aggressive indoctrination. Your incessant rants about “praying for us”. Your threats. Your insults. Your digs.
We’ve had it and we’re not going to take it any more.
We are going to mock your stupid customs. We are going to expose your evil doctrines and deeds. We are going to flip through your absurd “holy book” and bring light to its filthy dark passages.

We know you will say you are being “persecuted” by us horrible atheists, and that we need to have respect for your beliefs, but over time that will have no effect either.

We hope maybe you’ll come to your senses too. It’s not too late to turn away from your lies and see the truth.




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