What I'd do for satisfaction....

I guess this is how I see queer culture: sexy, energetic, polymorphous perverse. That energy, that unapologetic I-just-had-sex-with-him attitude that freaks the wingnuts out, that blind abandon that make straightjacketed suburbanites stare at somebody they think it's 'gay' as an accident by the side of the road. I cannot believe I had not seen this video before. I just happened to read about it in one of my old OUT magazines -yes, I still subscribe to paper magazines and read books, I don't spend every waking hour trolling the web- and I had to watch it. It is a really cool video. I'll look up Cazwell in myspace and will add him. Because I add many of these queer artists there because in myspace, being a clique-y and obtuse as it is, their having three billion 'friends' will make them popular and maybe some queer kid living in the middle of fucking nowhere will find inspiration to break free after realizing that they are not alone -as their freakshow parents and nutty religious leaders want to make them believe it is- and that there is nothing intrinsically evil about wanting to fuck someone who just happens to have the same equipment you have.
I love my Eric Himan, my Levi Kreis, my Ari Gold. I only wish I could get their CDs in Target instead of having to brave the phishers and get them on CDBABY. Awesome, these guys who have to fight the establishment and then their elitist, beauty-fixated, hyper-critical queer peers in order to 'make it'. So thank goodness for the web and the endless possibilities this collection of ones and zeroes bring to the isolated.




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