Sex on a stick.

I have trolled the video dungeons online for pieces of his "Lie with me", with its explicit scenes and his beautiful cock. I have googled him. I have him as my wallpaper. I feel like a Teen Beat reject.
On the one hand, he does fit the beefcake model: buff, toned, sexual. On the other, he's not pretty, he looks like he could fuck you or diss you. Oh, wait I just described a gay fantasy. Is that why I find him so attractive? Deconstructing your fantasies is no fun, you'd say. But for me it's a way to learn to enjoy them most.
Because fantasies are sometimes dark, we try not to get too much into them. I like to do that. Eric works beyond the straight-boy fantasy. He comes across not as straight but as male. Is there a difference, you'd ask. Yes, there is. The 'straight' man -to me, at least- conveys an image of rejecting the homosexuality of the male that is the object of your lust. By making him heterosexual, you deny any kind of reciprocity and the possibility of affection, leaving only genital contact as the link between you too. That takes out an element that I consider essential for good sex: trust.
I think that Eric could be trusted. Because for all his brutish package, he somehow comes across as vulnerable. He may be sweaty and half-naked, but his flesh is available. He looks like he'd kiss you after you have been riding his motorcycle. It's probable that you'd find yourself sucking his dick oh your knees in your living room floor while he runs his hands through your hair and you do it enthusiastically because there's hope he'll eventually could go on a sixty-nine. He would fuck you on your back with only spit for lube but would make sure you come, hopefully pumping your cock at the same time that he pumps your ass while french-kissing you.
That, I guess is the allure of Eric Balfour. And I know it's all in my head. That has nothing to do with the real guy. Another gay boy lusting for a straight male, blah, blah, blah. But for me, he's not straight: he's sex. Sex on legs, sex laying down, sex talking. Available sex. And that's what makes him an object of my desire. Besides, he's not 'perfect', chiseled, corn-fed. He looks ethnic, dark, mysterious, available, fuckable. I'd do him before I'd do any of the antiseptic, primped, shaved, post-nubile Aberzombie and Bitch beach boys gay magazines and advertisements try to shove down my throat. I'd rather have Erick's dick in there.



  1. I love love love love Eric Balfour. there is something dark and mysterious about him as you put it. He seems the kinda of guy who probably is a tortured painter and after you pose for him he'd go up to you spit into hand and work a finger or two in, make u orgasm, and go back to his painting.


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