That Donnie Darko song...

For me, there is nothing, nothing, nothing like kissing.
I guess one pines for what one wants more, don't you think?


  1. and watching Francois Segat is pretty fun too;-)

  2. Kissing? Fuck YES! It's as hot as the sex. It is the first step to making love, and the last. So is that the difference? When you just want to get down to fuck, no kissing? IDK, it seems like an incomplete act without it. But I guess there has to be that connection, that feeling for the person. And does it play into the masculine image? Are you "less than" if you like to kiss? To cuddle? To hold someone close?

    I guess in the time we've been together, it just all comes so naturally with you, babe. And I can't think of a time when we didn't kiss, other than the first time we met face to face. But we did hug then. And I remember wanting to kiss you so much that first time. Did I know we had a connection then? Kismet?

    So yeah, XXXX :)


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