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I went to see 300. I have to confess I went for the beefcake. Frank Miller's comic books tend to be somehow hyper-inflated with testosterone in a very grown-up frat-boy version (Sin City, anyone?) his dialogs are overwrought and women and gay men are uni-dimentional at best.
Yet the sight of Butler in those trunks, sweaty, grimy and all legs and torso was too much to resist. So I went to see it. I have yet to forgive the director and Miller how they came up with Xerxes and the comment of the Greeks being boy-lovers (HELLO... Mr. Miller? Spartans... boys... men... couples fighting in the battleground.... reality check....)
But hey, Miller's movie is aimed at that elusive and very lucrative 16-to-25 male audience who are high in libidos, low in social skills with a lot of insecurity and terror of being labeled a 'fag', so who am I to criticize his view of a chauvinistically macho world?
I just sat down and enjoyed Gerard Butler and his 300 in all their glory. And there is a LOT to look at. Xerxes included. And next view will be in an IMAX theater. Can't wait to see Butler from behind, framed by a window. Naked. Yum.
Cheers, babyboy.




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