And when we touch...

Oh, an orgasm. Funny how when having sex you can betray your own desire. It all starts kind of familiar: he puts your hand on his chest and then you begin to wake up. Then he puts your hand on his waistband. You wake up more. You circle his dick with your fingers and feel it: rock hard. Your blood pumps your dick is plump in seconds. Then you kiss, your eyes still closed. You feel your whole body tingle. You fight the sheets. He likes to be covered. You win. You undress him. He helps you out of whatever you wore to bed. The kissing continues you touch him all over. He likes it. You want to suck his cock but you don't know if he wants that this morning. He's very peculiar and you know it. You don't want to fuck up the mood. So you just go with the flow. You kiss some more (you love it) and he touches your nipples, your dick, your ass. You play with his balls and that dick that won't quit.
Then he wants you to sit on him. You oblige. You sit on his dick slowly. It's lubed, but still, there's a little bit of resistance. You ease off it and then sit back in. This time it slides in. He moans. There's an intake of air and he's all in you. You tighten up a little and begin a slow ride. He touches your nipples and plays with your dick. You lean over and kiss him. His tongue an insinuation. You love it, though.
You want more and you turn around with him still in you, so you lay on top of him. He hugs you from behind and begins pumping. You are in heaven. He kisses your neck and you pump your cock for all it's worth. You feel good.
Then you are both on your side. His pumping is more stable, more accurate. You feel some buildup and you don't even think about how ruined the sheets are going to be. you can just think about that cock in your ass. How it goes in and out. How it pushes you. His breath on your neck. Your precum flowing now.
Then he's on top of you and he's fucking you like he knows you like it: on your back, legs on the air, cock deep in you. You moan. He grunts. He pumps and pumps and you are handling your cock like a madman. He licks your nipples, you don't care that the back of your legs is stretching and you know they'll feel like rubber in an hour. But right now it's all about of the sensations he's provoking. Then the images form in your head. Out of nowhere. It's a feeling at the beginning. Then there's faces. Two guys from your class. You have talked to them and have thought they look kind of cute.One is tall, about six feet one, wide shoulders. Country boy, corn fed and and aw-shucks attitude. The other one is short, he told you once he usually works during the Summer, body tight, compact, wired. They are both naked. And hard. And suddenly you are not on your bed anymore. You're still on your back but the tall guy is fucking you slowly and the short one is feeding you his cock. You don't know how it happened, but you really like it. They're fucking you with all their might. And then you come. Like there's no tomorrow. And you come again. His moans bring you back. He's on top of you, whispering your name. And you kiss him, feeling a little guilty. Because the orgasm he just gave you received the help of two other men. And he doesn't know it.
But you don't care. You clean up a little, the cum rag on your night table. He's by your side. And you turn to him and get ready to make him come. Because you know his eyes will be closed. You provide the physical stimuli, but you don't know what's going on through his mind. And you don't care. Because all you want is for him to come.


  1. You had describe very good the expectation of the first sex meeting... althoug, not allways we offer the same intentions... the same attitude... things of the instincts... Good post to reflect. Best regards


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