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C'est chouette!

I've been talking to this very cool guy a lot lately (well, that's figurative, because we did meet in a conference but he lives in a city four hours from me). Let's say then we've been emailing each other almost daily and he's made me remember why I like French so much. He drops these words and phrases and calls me cute names in French and Spanish and it's very intimate. He's yet another American who's traveled and who's got that air of cosmopolitan 'savoir faire' that is so attractive. No matter where you've traveled, it shows. It's the opening of the mind, the ease of word, the loose disposition. The vibe of our exchanges is of friendship but sometimes I can feel the flirting. He's younger and not hard on the eyes. That certainly helps a lot.
I also think he's in a relationship, like me, so we're keeping it very civil, very 'Chere ami'. But still, there they are: the tension, the double entendres, the French phrases. That's hot.




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