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I like my porn with flavor. Not only favor in the sense of not the bland 'professional' porn but flavor in that I like many kinds of men. I just posted about Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is NOT your usual white-boy-next-door) as a perfect example of a great laid and a few posts before I had a hot redhead tied and gagged in his basement. Still hot.
I love Japanese and Chinese gay erotic art (my wallpapers are very often very hot Asian guys) and I have links in this blog to some very hot websites catering to men of color.
And I visit them often. Now the very cool dude from Men of Color (click on the title of this post to visit his site) who usually mixes smut, existentialism, and social conscience in a very fun and smart smörgåsbord that keeps me entertained for hours (and I think he's posted here at least once! yay!)
So today I was doing my trolling around looking for news, smut and techie notes online I came across one of his posts. This post deals wit the white-boy factor in porn. Don't get me wrong, I like some milk in my chocolate (as a matter of fact, I mix it regularly, given than my man is as white as they come and I'm your quasi-average Latino) but sometimes I totally miss seeing some variety in the mix. Why go for only one kind of cock when you can have all you can manage? I like all kinds of men, all kinds or races and all kinds of ages and body types. Maybe that's why I troll dudetube, MOC and The Ashton Cruz Zoo in the same measure? But this post is about a letter the dude at MOC wrote to the -very white, apparently- Sean Cody, experts in the kind of porn that is kind of a staple in may websites nowadays: the kind of quasi- straight, somehow interchangeable, and kind of bland young-white-frat-boy-pizza-boy-wannabe-marine-boy-who-wants-to-come kind of guy, that apparently is the boy next door, according to Mr. Cody. Well, apparently Mr. Cody who was trolling Craiglist for more of the... same, managed to get an earful from Mr. MenOfColor. Very illuminating, the post he wrote and here's his take on Sean Cody's call for models that manages to be ageist, somehow racist and excluding at the same time. Be my guest:

Form http://menofcolor.blogs.com/moc_blog/
A Message to Sean Cody:

Ad Recently Seen on Craigslist For SeanCody.com: Do you have what it takes? Currently casting Male Models for upcoming solo (jack off) shoots. Looking for WHITE Males (emphasis mine), Ages 18-29, Hot, Hot, Hot, a Six Pack is a must!!! Searching for that All American, Boy Next Door, kind of look.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know Sean Cody personally so I can’t vouch that some of his best friends are black) Mr. Cody. You don’t know me but I’m not a particularly huge fan of yours. As one who enjoys the variety and spice of the human condition I find your models to be a little too eerily similar. Of course, as one who has devoted the last two plus years of his life promoting a different concept of male aesthetic beauty it shouldn’t come as any big surprise that we find ourselves on opposite ends of the porn spectrum. After all, you began your website as an outgrowth of your locker room fantasies and since you grew up in Utah it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone that you have chosen to systematically ignore blacks, Hispanics, Asians or any other race or ethnicity. After all, it’s not your fault that Utah is 95.2% white now is it? But, more importantly, we both know that the single largest demographic for porn is white males aged 35 to 55 so it only makes sense, right? Give the people what they want. Like seeks like. After all, if the Boy Scouts can choose to systematically ignore homosexuals and atheists then, by golly, you should be able to start up a business and only hire Whites. It’s your God-given, Market-driven right. But here’s the rub, Mr. Cody. The worst kept secret in Gay Porn is the extent to which racism still exists. Oh, sure. FlavaWorks is huge and so is Tiger Tyson and The Latino Fan Club and a fingerful of other studios. But these studios were started because these guys looked out over the Adult Entertainment landscape and didn’t seem anything even remotely resembling them and decided that they didn’t want to base sexual norms or self-validation on what a bunch of bored white guys for from the suburbs thought was hot. “The Boy Next Door Look” doesn’t hold a whole lot of meaning for many minorities, Sean. And you perpetuate that myopic view of what constitutes “hot” with your clonish-looking models. But, hey, who am I? I’m just one of those bored white suburbanites myself. The difference between us, however, is that in a world where Caucasians make up less than one-sixth of the world’s population, I recognize and see beauty in all of God’s creatures. And when I feature a periodic post on Token White Boyz it’s done tongue-in-cheek. But I find your studious avoidance of any men of color on your site as well as your perpetuation of the white male as the aesthetic ideal positively Byzantine. You, Mr. Cody, are in a word racist. And your brand of racism is of the particularly odious kind. After all, who can find fault with the man who single-handedly invented the “Straight Boy” niche. You’re just giving the people what they want. You’re not racist. You can’t be for God sakes! You’re the Henry Ford of the 21st century! Sure he was an anti-Semite but his cars sure did revolutionize the world in much the way your website revolutionized Gay Porn at the beginning of this century. But it’s time you were called on it. It’s time that people who feature you in their blogs and websites and who profit off you and from you say: Enough. Until you stop systematically shutting out men of color your site should be boycotted. You’ve become very rich, Mr. Cody. Surely you can take a small hit if your next model – a model of color – doesn’t produce the financial remuneration you’re accustomed to. Besides, in the off chance that the financial consequences were really dire, you could always slink back to that Norman Rockwell existence you had in Utah.

Ah, the hot drawing that adorns this post by Lonsam also comes from Men Of Color!


  1. ummm..very horny pic!... best regards

  2. Hola gracias por el comentario que dejaste en mi blog. Enserio te lo agradezco. No escribo en ingles, por que no se mucho. Pero aqui estare leyendote, ya vi cosas muy interesantes heee.

    Saludos desde el Huacal Porno


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