I have always liked what you'd call 'older men'. Even since I was sixteen, it's always been an older male who has gotten me started. I have never had a weakness for the twink, the muscle-bound gym bunny or the guy with the perfect clothes.
I like more of a 'common' guy. It's the man's sex appeal what draws me. And that for me goes beyond the abs or the fancy clothes. Sex appeal refers to the availability/possible prowess of the man in question. Who could be more qualified to fulfill these expectations than an older man, one not too old to be bored with life and not too young to be too inexperienced. At the top of his game, more like it.
I'll give you an example: I just traveled to Kansas City (been traveling a lot for work) and I happened to be waiting for my plane across from this guy in the waiting area. He was taller than me (I'm 5'8"), had very short hair and was dressed in a very Eddie Bauer way: 'sporty' clothes that quite did not make it. Too informal for the office, but not really loose enough. A little bit of restraint and a little bit of freedom. The untucked t-shirt, the loose khakis, the bomber jacket. I thought he was hot. He should be in his mid-forties, with a body that is solid and not too muscled. Possibly with one or two 'tweens and a perky wife who buys his clothes online.
He had nice hands with long, strong fingers. And wore a wedding ring. That's when the whole Daddy I'd Like to Fuck thing came back to me. I've heard the expression MILFs but it was kind of funny. This guy was totally a DILF. That is something people are now even glamorizing. But it's something I've always done. I have fucked older men ever after I discovered I could turn them on when I was twelve. It's hot. It's comforting. It's risky. Just like sex should be.
When we got in the plane he just happened to be sitting next to me. it was a cool surprise. It was a comfortable flight, though. No vibes from the DILF. He listened to his iPod. I was surprised, he listened to some kind of trip-hop electronica mix. Not at all what I would have expected (maybe Robin Thicke? Kenny Chesney? I don't know) yet his powerful and relaxed body next to my seat was kind of a distraction. I ever so discreetly looked to the side. Not once tried to engage him in conversation or even with a look. This would have been a hot daddy to do. Can you imagine? Beneath those sensible clothes should have been a carefree, adventurous, sensual man. Buried under the weight of corporate obligations, mortgages and car payments. That's somebody I'd like to do. Like peeling Clark Kent from his office clothes and finding Superman. I've made that surprise discovery before. Underneath the thick layer of suburbia, a hot, sweaty, daring man who fucks you like you're starring in your own triple X movie. Hot.
But the trip was only kind of sensual. I mostly looked as his big hands and could not help but thing that it would be hot to be touched by them or have that hot Daddy on top of me for a nice romp in the sheets. I imagine is both a sense of security and the knowledge that he KNOWS how to fuck. After all, the name says it all: DILF. He's done his deed: have some kinds. Now it's time for him to use that tool to give pleasure. I'd be so there I think I'd trip. I thought it may have been different if it would have been a Red Eye. Or if I would have gotten any vibes from my DILF.
Hopefully, on the flight back I'd get to sit to yet another DILF. I may even ask about the time. I think I'll just not wear my watch. One never knows, right?


  1. i got hard by just reading that, and there wasnt even any fucking in it!


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