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I guess it's all in the roles one plays but I imagine that there's something about an actor that really makes us notice. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's roles because I like him. The reasoning may seem simple but it's not always the case with actors. I sometimes like the technical aspects of an actor's work (whether a man or a woman) but not them. But I'd do Joseph. In a heartbeat. He was quirky in Third Rock (playing an alien automatically makes you cool in my eyes) and then in all the bits and pieces (Latter Days, even one of the Halloween installments). Then Mysterious Skin came out and now The Lookout. Of course, this is not HIM, it's the persona I perceive onscreen. But I have no idea how the real JG-L is and very few people do. Don't you think?
I think is that combination of young body-old-soul-stare that draws me in. That he has a sensitive-guy sex appeal also helps. He's a little too-boyish for what I would usually look at in a man, but he's getting there. Basically we're watching him grow up in movies and t.v. programs. And he's looking good. He looks good to me because he does not look like he came from an 'actor factory' like any of the very beautiful boys in The Covenant (awful movie, lots of eye candy) or any of the many slasher teen movies.
Sex appeal is more in the attitude than in the physique (those Aberzombie models are pretty but oh so boring!) and even though a nice body helps, it is not a requirement. I find Joseph's sex appeal to be of the -usual- quiet side. Of course he can play the beefcake hero pretty well (it's part of their job, isn't it?) but it is usually his intensity that draws me in. It's the quiet, unassuming guy who ends up being really passionate in bed. The flashy, pushy, bulging demi-god is usually too busy admiring himself to notice anybody else in bed with him.
The guy who just says the necessary will dedicate all his energy to you two, making the moment count. His attention will be all on you two, his dick will never waver, his lips won't let yours and his hands will hold you firmly. One of the disadvantages of the beautiful clone is that he's boring. Once you have come (both or if you're unlucky only one of you) it's over for the conventionally pretty guy. His muscles and chiseled features won't hold up to le petit mort. Once the flesh is satiated, there's nothing more for you there. Pretty does not fare well in the face of reality.
A guy who does not rely on his face and body alone will endure the test of cum more easily because he can talk to you (not at you) and because there's some emotional range underneath the quiet facade. I would do Joseph any day before any of the other more conventionally handsome men that populate the public landscape in movies and print. Maybe because Joseph's personality comes across his roles and maybe because he's not all 'that perfect' and therefore more accessible and hence sexier. I've had my share of handsome men. Conventionally pretty and maddeningly blah.
The lure of hard flesh will get you there with guys, the power of their personality will make you ask for more. And more.




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