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I met this guy online and in his profile it said he was a plushie. I have to confess I was curious. The whole idea of being someone/something else while having sex was tremendously alluring. So my conversations with let's say, 'Otter' began. He's a very nice guy, very into his thing and very friendly. We chatted about politics, religion, the works.
But we have not talked lately. Last time we talked he was going to invite me to a bowling plushie. There are conventions, get-togethers, etc. All for plushies. And you can go with just tails or ears, or a collar. Or nothing. They seem to be very inclusive.
And then I found the site for www.plushieschwartz.com and now I'm in shock. The whole plushie thing got a new meaning right away. Now I would really like to go to one of those conventions. Suddenly, fucking a stud in a bear suit seems kind of hot. It was funny, what with the anthropomorphic fun and the music and all. And then the other guy stepped in. Somehow Asian-looking. And my interest peaked. And then the bear was all over him. And it was hot. Then they began to actually have playful, hot sex. With cocksucking (the bear whipped out a very substantial cock) and ass licking (a fav of mine) and then all the way. The bear fucked the Asian guy royally. I was envious. After all, it's three in the morning, and I'm typing on this damn thing hoping for sleep to come and rescue me from this boner.
I may earn my ears and my tail very quickly. If I do the bowling I'll let you know. For real.


  1. weird but i was so fucking turned on by it, i wanted to be the hot asian. btw his dick is huge and hot, nice deep dicking, and it was raw... :-)0


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