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In the world of cyberspace the opportunities to realize that you do not have a 'type' grows every day. Take one of my latest incursion in one of those 'social networking' sites, that can also be a beefcake fest open to anyone with a picture and an internet connection. I usually go for the DILF, the endomorph, and the occassional ectomorph. But oftentimes my gaze gets caught by more than the obvious.
I have to confess also that I do it simply for the voyeuristic fun of it and to see what could turn me on. I like looking at men with very little clothing on, without regards to body type and if these men actually use the fact that they are gay, well, that makes them the more real. I am an equal opportunity ogler, but when the object of my lust is another gay man, well, then the pleasure is double and the fun, too.
In this visit I'm talking about I found this one guy who is -from my point of view, anyway- rather hot. And as I may have pointed out before, 'hotness' is totally in the eye of the beholder and for me, that has to do equal parts with physical appearance and bravado. And bravado is something you do need in order to post pictures of you virtually naked (figuratively and physically, of course) in one of these sites. In these sites, there's not way to know the 'real' you. People put you together through your pictures and what you decide to disclose about you.
This hot little number has several pictures of himself in different stages of undress. And one seemed just hotter than the other. He posts his tastes and his favorite music and flaunts his many friends, all in display in a little webpage, along with the pictures that are going to both titillate and attract the men he intends to attract. And of course, others he doesn't. But that's another story.
Some may think that he's just another pizza boy with a digital camera. But if you look closely, you'll see that the little gag ball, the hat demurely put over his groin, the frank, defiant stare at the camera, all that adds to the sex appeal of someone who may not be absolutely stunning or compliant with the sometimes extreme rules that bind gay males to beauty standards that some may find difficult to attain.
This guy looks to me hotter than the pinups you'd find in any gay rag or the calendar boys peddling from fire departments to only their swagger in the next Barnes & Noble. This boy looked down-to-earth, sweet, sexy and very fuckable. Oh yeah. I'd do him in a heartbeat. For once, he looks attainable, something that the other calendar beauties are obviously not. He looks like he's tons of fun (the gag ball, the hat over his dick), and he looks just sexy: not everybody is ready to take pictures of himself naked and post them on a site for hundreds to see.
THAT is sexy. Not the sleek, fabricated image the media presents, but the interpretation a guy makes of himself in a public site. An interpretation that may be the ultimate in titilation: available yet unattainable, sexual yet innocent, smutty yet clean cut, submissive but agressive and for sure the promise of a really good fuck. Something that very few of us would be willing and able to turn down.
I, for once, would be pressed to turn him down if he decides that he would really want to do me. Even if he's not my usual 'type'. And what are 'types' but something not to stereotype? Variety, after all is the spice of life.




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